oh we’re so disarming darling

Lots of people wear headdresses of various sorts here, but sometimes women add accessories to it, and it looks super pretty. This is just gorgeous and incredibly elegant.

Office Reading Material, Pt I : Wired Magazine with a Giant Article on Tumblr.

I received some film not too long ago, and I’ve been wanting to have some fun with my dad’s ten-year-old nikon F55 slr, and so i have! The sad thing is that Seattle FilmWorks film pretty much can’t be used easily anymore and I’m still deciding what to do with it.

This is my new watch that I got from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It’s a kid’s watch that I found on sale, and kind of fell in love with it almost instantly. Not everybody owns a happy, blue watch with a hippo romping around in weeds, as a friend put it.

This is the view from my window at work. Shophouse windows are pretty awesome.

And this is the entrance to my workplace. It leads into a little open area where we all sit, and I kind of like this a lot. It’s a nice, cheery place to work. Also, that’s my boss’ bike in the photo.

This is what my 2012 diary looks like at the moment. This is just the front cover. I enjoy sticking the most random stickers on the cover.

Office Reading Material, Pt II: What Makes You Happy? This book was ten kinds of wonderful. A simple, fun, and great read.

From the above book, a quote. Laughter is good exercise!

Simple and lovely Mushroom Soup at Cafe de Jardin

Delectable Pasta Salad to go with the Mushroom Soup. This place has the best homemade dressing I’ve had in a while!

One day in the last week, I found a headless plush penguin-usb at my desk. It belonged to a student, but it was slightly scary to be greeting by a headless robot penguin.

Managed to meet up with friends I hadn’t met in six months, and Medz has lovely 1-for-1 beers and ciders, and I had a wonderful Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime cider.

I had to meet someone for college related things at a building with lots of motor-parts shops. I saw this hanging in one of the shops and was rather pleased with it. It’s a genuinely vintage sign!

I was digging around for earrings at home last week, and found a box of earrings my mother has but doesn’t really wear much anymore. They’re earrings she bought when she first came to Singapore some twenty years ago, and I love how these studs (and the others) are totally back in fashion now. Vintage earrings at no cost, yay!

I love cloud9 ice cream. I remember being intrigued by their flavours like Earl Grey and Fig, and Teh Tarik, but yesterday I had a cup of Baileys Irish Cream, and it was good!


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