Black knit dress from Mango (bought from ASOS I believe), Yellow knit cardigan from somewhere-in-London, Yellow braided belt from Tangs, Purple stockings from Uniqlo, Brown boots from somewhere-in-London

I love this outfit, but pretty much everything is stolen borrowed from my sister. I had gone to London for ten days in May 2011 while she did a study abroad semester there, and I had no qualms about stealing all her awesome clothes. Suffice to say I don’t get to dress like this back home in Singapore, because the weather is much too warm for this sort of multiple-layers, but perhaps that was colourful enough to grab your attention for a little while.

I’m Roshni, people call me Ochie, and that’s a nickname I like I lot, so feel free to think of me as Ochie. I’m 21 and a junior in college, studying Business Management. I dabble with college radio, theatre, dance, and graphic design, and sometimes freelance when I have the time. I generally live a pretty mundane life. I don’t particularly enjoy partying it up at clubs, and seem to spend my weekends at dance lessons, other rehearsals, and eating good food (at my regular loves or newly found loves) or watching movies and tv shows at home. Oh, and shopping.

I’ve lived in Singapore my whole life, have also been travelling since I was little. I enjoy travelling, and honestly crave it after spending several months in Singapore. As much as I love Singapore, I do tend to get quite wanderlust-y (wanderlustful?) and want to get out for a little while. I enjoy travelling when I get the chance to go around the world. One of my long-term goals is to live in San Francisco for several years. I’m working on getting there.

I’m your average college-kid. I actually prefer buying things from Forever21 as compared to even considering brands like Marc Jacobs, and I’m more than happy to pay $10 for something and wear it only say, 10 times, than to splurge on a $100 piece of clothing and have it last for eternity. So the things you would probably find on this blog are probably going to be things you have seen in shops as well. I appreciate shiny, pretty things, and have a major thing for midi-skirts, boots, and dangly earrings. If I had to summarise my fashion mantra, it would definitely involve either heels, dangly earrings, or a midi-skirt.

If you couldn’t tell from that photo,I’m Indian, I’m considered to be taller-than-average, I’ve got huge feet, and that somewhat-typically-Indian curly hair that frizzes with Singapore’s humidity pretty quickly. I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 (I sometimes wear contacts now) and I’ve had braces to fix my vampire teeth when I was 13.  Oh, and I have to deal with pretty bad, somewhat-chronic acne as well (which means you probably won’t see any close-up photos of my face, because I’m not comfortable with putting that up for the world to see, because it is pretty nasty), so my skin’s usually quite a mess regardless of how healthily I eat. I’m working on it, though. Perhaps the slowly-getting-out-of-teens thing should help a little bit. Well, it’s been a couple of months since I figured out what the issue was, and now my acne is so much more better controlled and it is not such a horrible issue with me anymore. Yay for small victories. My point here being, as another individual in the world,  there are loads of people who are naturally blessed with better looks than me, but you know what? I don’t really mind one bit. And all this has nothing to really do with the fact that I like clothes and fashion, so let’s get back to that.

I want this to be my happy place, so maybe it’ll be happy for you too.


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