uh, about that title…

as i was trolling my own tumblr dashboard a while back, i came across this comic:

and then after a couple of months, that seemed to catch on and it became an appropriate response for all sorts of things on tumblr, and i think in my head in tumblr-speak in the sense that i frequently say things like “boring class is boring” and “WHY DON’T WE TAKE ALL THE HUGS AND GIVE THEM TO DEAN WINCHESTER!”

“i want this because of reasons” became another one of those things, yes. on a side note, i feel like finding my set of colour pencils and actually colouring this thing in like a five-year-old. i love this tophat-and-monocle man with an impressive moustache. it reminds me of Ted Mosby going “you have a monocle!”

behold: the shrine of  TOP HAT-AND-MONOCLE-MAN

2 Responses to “uh, about that title…”
  1. sakunika says:

    Haha I love this! YES I DO HAVE REASONS! LOL this is perfect :P Next time I do something R A N D O M (and you know I do) I shall say, in as diginified a manner as possible, ‘BECAUSE OF REASONS’. And I might add a ‘nnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehe’ at the end ^^.

do you have reasons!

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