happy diwali!

garden lights

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diwali- kolam

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Diwali is one of those days I look forward to every single year. Sometimes I look forward to Diwali more than my birthday, simply because of the festivities that come along with Diwali. You get to buy new clothes (which was a somewhat stressful affair this year, sadly), get to buy mehendi cones and do your own henna tattoos and look like a boss (which i had no time for this year, sadly) , and there is spending time with family and friends, and good food. It’s always nice, even though it’s always close to exam time.

This year’s Diwali has been simple, but satisfying. My dad managed to get a few days off and was home for a week, and he could be here for Diwali. I’ve realised how much I miss having my dad around sometimes, and how much laughter and conversation goes on when everyone’s home for hours together. When we’re all busy and drowning in our own work, you don’t even notice the background noise, but I’ve never appreciated it as much as I have in the past week. Whether it’s someone making an off-hand comment about something on television, or someone asking where some item is, it’s sometimes hilarious and it feels nice.  I’m so glad we had everyone back on home ground for Diwali.

Diwali plans were simpler than we hoped, the usual lighting candles and lamps everywhere that is possible, decorating a rangoli outside our apartment, taking lots of photographs, chilling with our neighbours, greeting everyone, eating great food (highlights including homemade cake pops from our neighbour, and a salad at our group dinner. so much awesome).

It’s been a pretty busy weekend, and it felt like a reprieve from life in general. Life’s been pretty insane lately (which explains the lack of updates here), but I should be more free in a couple of weeks’ time, and will be back here in full force. The next few weeks ahead for me are going to be a blur of project presentations, project reports, last lessons, more meetings to attend, studying for finals, and then doing finals. I’m pretty sure it’ll fly right by.

Till then, may you stay where the light is, may the lights guide you home, and may you always find the light in the darkness.

Happy Diwali!

2 Responses to “happy diwali!”
  1. notabilia says:

    Beautiful – your photographs, this post, and you!

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