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Junior year begins today began two weeks ago. It takes a little time for the fact that I’ve spent two years in college to sink in, and the realisation that I only have two more to kick in.  The start of a new semester and academic year feels good, though. It’s a time where you can set goals for yourself and try to think of all the things you’d like to do and be involved in the year ahead. I like making those plans.

For a long time I felt like I couldn’t feel myself growing; I wasn’t making decisions I wanted to make, I wasn’t doing the things I wanted to be doing. That’s changed this year, or this past year. I may not be able to put it into words very well, but I do feel like I am a better person than I was at this point last year. I’m not a sophomore wondering what to do, what paths to take, but a junior who knows herself a little bit better, knows what she wants, and is trying to figure out a way to get from here to there. I’ve been giving advise to juniors who’ve asked me about things. It feels strange to be in this position, wiser than some, yet drowning in uncertainty nevertheless.

My classes for this semester are mildly interesting. I’m not particularly enthusiastic about any class in particular, but that’s not to say they’re dull and uninteresting either. They’re classes that are have started out exactly as what I thought they would, and I hope they get a little bit more inspiring over the next few weeks.

In being so busy with getting things in my life sorted out, I’ve sort of neglected this place over the last few weeks. It’s semi-intentional, as I’ve been wanting to get a few things sorted out before I start documenting and reflecting on life here. I have quite a lot of lovely things going on all at the same time in the form of my involvement in my college’s art exhibition that opens in just over a week (and i’m still in meetings to discuss things like location!) i’ve got about three different DIY/craft projects hanging in varying levels of completion, I’m working on some exciting things for the next semester that I may spend abroad, and there’s always a bunch of council related things that keep me busy as well. Basically I’ve got to settle into the semester proper before I can work out a decent schedule and routine for myself.

In the mean time, here’s to more days with my weathered Marvel backpack, comfy 14-hour-day outfits, sneakers and those one or two pieces of jewellery I can never seem to give up. Oh, and perhaps I should get someone to help me take a nice photograph of it, but I got an airbrushed tattoo last Friday at a booth that was on campus, and it’s slowly fading off, but I have to admit, I am really loving having a tattoo on my forearm.

Note to self: keep an eye out for crystal-bullet pendants. I would really, really like one.


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