i’m still here

i’m still here. i’ve been in the US since July 20th, and it’s been a fantastic experience, even if messed up by a pesky cold I caught and I’m still hacking away half the time. It’s been an eye-opener, and as far as reality checks go, I think I could really be happy in this country. For so many reasons I’ll probably go into further later on in another entry, but for now, have some photos!

3 - facebook

Drove by the Facebook office.

7 - la boulange palo alto 2

La Boulange in Palo Alto

9 - stanford 3

My feet (new boots!) in loamy soil, which you don’t find that easily in Singapore.

11 - stanford 5

Architecture in these places is beautiful. Stanford is beautiful.

12 - cable car

San Fran Cable Car!

17 - UCB 2

UCBerkeley is also beautiful, in a different way. Now I’ve been to the campuses of two universities I actually applied to but didn’t end up going to, wow.

19 - UCB haas me

Okay, but nothing’s stopping me from making it seem like I go to Haas.

20 - UCB 3

I fell in love with this building. I kind of stopped in front of it just mesmerised, and lost my group a little bit and had to run after them in heels to catch up.

22 - sprout cafe palo alto

Lunch at Sprout Cafe in Palo Alto.

23 - wall art palo alto

I found street art in Palo Alto.

26 - google dino

A T-rex with flamingoes, a normal sight at the Google campus in Mountain View.

31 - USF

Beautiful building, part of University of San Francisco, if I’m not wrong.

32 - SF asian art museum

Side view of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, which we passed by.

34 - SF palace 2

I FOUND THE DUCKS! At Palace of Fine Arts.
35 - SF palace 3

Again, how fantastic is this place?

39 - gg 2

I don’t know whether to love or hate Karl the Fog. This pic turned out great though.

40 - SF

I absolutely love how this pic turned out even though I took it from the bus window. It’s an automatic soft-focus!

43 - p39

Obligatory pic of seals at Pier 39
45 - p39

Crepes for dinner at Pier 39

46 - lake

Another lake we dropped by!

48 - lake

Doggies which posed but did not look at my camera.

50 - sea

Pacific Ocean! And Coldness!
51- castro

Castroooooooo! This is a half-completed bucket-list item. We drove through, but they didn’t let me spend time there. Oh well.

52 - twin peaks

We froze our asses at Twin Peaks, but hey I have actually been to Twin Peaks now!

55 - bellevue art museum

Found Frida Kahlo outside the Bellevue Art Museum!


The founding members of Microsoft. See anything off here?

57 - MICROSOFTSo I played a dancing game on the latest Kinect! And this is me freestyling. I don’t know how to freestyle. Give me moves and I am ‘flawless’ and ‘awesome’ (that’s the game’s words, not mine) but I was so terribly hilarious freestyling. I have a video of it somewhere.



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