sole searching

A few weeks ago, I found myself doing some sole searching. Yeah, you heard me right. In the midst of a impassioned fit of cleaning, I threw out something like eight pairs of shoes (and I mean shoes in the broad sense of footwear in general). Let’s make a list of the footwear that I threw out.

dead  - bata heelsdead - brown weatherproofs dead - rubi flatsdead - rubi pink dead- black elastics dead- taupe heels

The other pairs I retired were either in terrible shape for a really long time, meaning I hardly ever wore them in the first place, or they were just really terrible and not worth holding onto any longer. It felt good to get rid of all these worn out sandals, sort of like purging your closet of clothes that you’ve had for so long and sort of wished would just fall apart so that you can get rid of them.

Our shoe cabinet at home is always packed. Regardless of how many times a year we clear it out, there are always too many shoes. Clearing my shoes out like this created a lot of space, but it also created a lot of holes in my outfits because all I was left with were my boots (also not in good shape after 2 year, but only to be retired once I have new boots), sneakers, and heels. I has very few practical everyday shoes left, and as much as I love heels, they’re not the most practical things for a college kid who runs around this island on crowded trains and runs after buses.

A total overhaul of your shoe collection lets you see what’s missing. That’s where I started. The question I asked myself was ‘What are the staples you need, and what are the staples you want?’ I tried to put needs before wants, as well. Tried.

So to fill out the void, I’ve somehow found more than enough replacements. I’ve sworn off Rubi for  while, their flats don’t give your feet any kind of support, and my feet need to be treated better than Rubi. I have a budget to work with, and wasn’t looking anything too fancy. Let’s see my loot.

ck sandals

1. Thong Sandals from Charles and Keith

ck on me

So these were an emergency buy because my comfy, waterproof sandals from Mochi in India completely fell apart on me while I was running an errand over lunch hour. I hobbled back to Bugis and tried to find a cheap pair of flats that would get me through the day. Turns out, as always, you can’t really find cheap shoes in size 41s, so off I traipsed back to Charles and Keith, where I figured if I got a pair of sandals on sale, it would probably be a worthwhile trade-off of cost for quality as compared to something from BHG. Found these, and I think this leather-sandal trend is something that will be around for a while as it’s super versatile. Who wouldn’t want orange sandals? dexter nude heels

2. Dexter Nude Wedges from Paylessdexter on me Wedges are comfy, there’s no denying that. After having two pairs of Rubi wedges over the past few years, I found myself wanting another pair of wedges, simply because they’re so convenient.I found this pair when I went on a planned-shoe-hunt at Payless while it was having a really great sale. I like Payless because they stock their shoes by size, and it goes up till ladies size 12. I’m a size 10 myself, so any store where I am guaranteed to find a size that fits me, is one I will keep going back to.Nude heels are one of those staples that are appropriate in so many different situations, and once I tried these on, I knew I wanted them. These heels will see some adventures. espadrilles on me

3. Comfort Plus by Predictions Canvas Espadrilles from Payless

These were a bit hit-and-miss. I loved the design, it basically looks like a Toms-esque espadrille. It’s got a slight wedge heel to it, but your feet are almost flat in the shoe. Not sure how exactly that works, but it’s really comfortable. Drawback is, it absorbs water like a sponge, and whenever it rains, these become a total mess. It becomes incredibly heavy and waterlogged and takes days to dry. I have worn these a lot since I got them, and it has never done too well in rain. What a pity, because they’re pretty awesome otherwise.
pink blue dexter gally boatshoes

4. Dexter Gally Boatshoes from Payless

I’m driving my dad’s car around a lot more now. It’s been a while since I’ve had my Charles and Keith loafers which were perfect for driving. I have been wearing my H&M plimsolls to drive lately, and I figure it would be useful to have a more driving-friendly pair of boatshoes. I see myself wearing these to college a lot. I haven’t worn them yet, I’m saving these for the new academic year. Starting Junior year off on the right foot, and everything.asos axis boots

5. ASOS Axis Leather Ankle Boot from ASOS

Boots. I technically don’t need them for the kind of weather I have in Singapore, but I swear to the weather-gods, the rain soaking my sneakers annoys me so very much. This happened a lot back in 2011 which motivated me to go get a pair of water-friendly boots. The F21 pair I got have served me very well, and walked the streets of New York City, so I won’t be too sad when they go. They’ll always be my first pair of boots. I actually have another US Trip coming up very soon (more on that soon) and I figured if I was going to replace my boots, I’d do it either before or after my trip. I found these on a good sale on Asos, and found myself buying them and realising that with some luck, they should be here before my trip. Fingers crossed. Also the first time I’m buying shoes online, but when you’re a size 10 in general, I hope I can’t go too far wrong. Socks can always save the day…I hope. Fingers crossed. Super crossed.

watermelon vans6. Watermelon-print Vans, found in our school store

So how crazy are these? My friend and I found these in a storage room in school, and were wondering what to do with them. They’re awesome in theory, they’re high-top Vans sneakers, coloured like a watermelon. What’s not to like? But to be honest, they’re not very practical. From afar I guess they pass for polka-dotted sneakers, but realistically, I don’t see myself wearing these sneakers much. Not sure where they are now.

Thinking about buying footwear makes you think about the places you go, and the kind of things you do. You still want something comfortable, but stylish, and also waterproof. Rain is the worst in a tropical place like Singapore and oh, how uncomfortable wet shoes are. So very uncomfortable. It’s going to be a lovely several months ahead of us, shoes, I hope you’re with me for years, not just months, and well. Welcome to my life.


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