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It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a link-dump on you guys in the form of my five-things entries. I have found so many wonderful things on the internet lately that I just had to share them with you all. Hope you like them!


The Wanderlane – a travel guide in Instagram photos Everyone knows how much I adore San Francisco and want to live there at some point. Everyone knows how much I enjoy travelling, and I’ve found a new way to travel digitally. I’m not exactly sure how I chanced upon this website, it’s gotten lost in my mind by now, but I recall it was around finals period, or presentations week, and something as simple as this just completely brightened up my day.

Travel guides aren’t what they used to be anymore. Photos explain a thousand words, they’re found in abundance these days, and let’s face it, we all enjoy that mundane endless scrolling on our phones while stuck in crowded subway trains.

Wanderlane gets extra points for having lovely categories for each location. It’s a well thought out app.


Meet Champ, the happiest dog in the world
I’m not kidding. That’s actually what the post is called. Again, we’re bored and tired by our daily lives. Everyone has a thing for cute animals and I’m no different. Here’s hoping that you’re no different either.

I have always loved dogs (more of a dog person than a cat person) and yet have never had my own dog, and have thus cultivated a good love for other people’s pet dogs. Whether it was playing with neighbours’ dogs or giggling over cute pictures of corgis (Corgi beach party, anyone?) and french bulldogs and puppies in general, dogs have never failed to brighten up my day.

The reason why this photoshoot of Champ works so well is that dogs are animals who wear their hearts on their sleeves and have their emotions plastered all over their faces. You can tell when a dog is happy or sad, and it’s very infectious. Their happiness will rub off on you. Now go see the happiest dog in the world.


The History of Typography
Typography is something that has always interested me, without me even really realising it until quite recently. I always cared about how words looked on a document or presentation, whether it was trying to make the gaudy-as-hell WordArt on the older MS Word and Powerpoint look somewhat presentable, or trying to find nicer fonts on Creative Writer.

This video’s been making the rounds on social media sites, and I finally took a few minutes off to watch it and think it was a worthwhile endeavour. Design videos are always lovely, and one on typography? I think it’s a winning combination.


Code Academy. Learning to code is something that is on my summer to-do list. While I stalk Startup Academy for the dates of their next class, I’m using Code Academy to get my fingers jabbering away first. Over the years I have picked up a reasonable level of html coding skills for myself, but I would really like to develop that further, and Code Academy makes it seem easier to learn coding. You can learn several kinds of coding (from Web Fundamentals, to java, Ruby, and even APIs).

The interface of the whole page is lovely, and I think that makes it seem less harsh on the non-coder’s eyes. Basically I think this site is brilliant for beginners like me, who just want to learn to code, without any of the frills of taking fancy lessons or spending large amounts of time on it.


Make A Milanese Stitch Pouch, a fashion DIY This is more of a sneak peek of what’s one DIY project I’m working on at the moment.I found this DIY project via Pinterest, and the design is what really caught my eye. I didn’t know what it was called, or that it was actually something handmade, but the design was lovely, and I wanted something with that pattern. Imagine my happiness when I realised it linked to a tutorial!

This tutorial is so easy to follow and it’s such a simple stitch. I started working on this once my finals were done, but with work and running around so much, I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on it lately. No worries, of course. This is supposed to be for pleasure, so there’s no freaking out about not finishing things in a timely fashion. I’ll finish it…whenever. For now, have a pic of my work in progress!

pouch - 6

This is just one half of the main pattern done. I have to still fill in the blank areas with the contrast pattern, and then do the ‘outlines’ before I can stitch the pouch itself together.

It’s incredibly satisfying to see this project grow, though. Keep an eye out for more when it’s actually complete.


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