DIY necklace

As I’ve been clearing out my stuff in general, I’ve been finding various uses for things that either don’t fit me anymore, or I don’t have a use for anymore. Thing is, I’ve collected a nice little pile of  things to DIY into other more useful items as a result of it being summer break.

When it comes to accessories, there’s stuff I’ve found from when I was a kid, things my mother used to put on for me when I was approximately four years old onwards: small delicate dangly earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and the thing is, with these things being made out of plastic, absolutely nothing happens to them over all these years.

Obviously the bracelets and necklaces don’t fit me anymore, earrings are more versatile that way, but I realised that I could very well take apart the small items to make new things that would fit me now. This is what today’s DIY is all about.

I had this necklace with this adorable elephant pendant, and while I found it sitting in my treasure trove of old jewellery that never sees the light of day, I realised that the pendant is something that could very well be worn with dozens of outfits now.

This is probably such a simple DIY that you don’t even need a tutorial for, but here’s one anyway.
ele necklace - 1

What do you need for this incredibly quick DIY? Well you’d need your pendant of choice, some chain, links, and the end stoppers. These three items were actually part of a gift to me from one of my best friends something like five years ago, but I still have them, and while they’ve been sitting quietly in my craft kit all these years…I was immensely glad I had these when I needed them. You would also do well with a pair of pliers, not pictured here.

ele necklace - 2

All you have to do is measure out the length of the chain you would need, as per your own requirements, and then add a few links and an end to the two ends of the necklace. I decided to make my chain quite long, so I figured I didn’t really need a clasp at the end when the necklace goes over my head easily. Saving materials for a rainy day!

A pair of pliers will help you open the circular links up and tighten them close. It’s good to get them as tightly closed (and evenly) to prevent the ends from snagging on your hair or poking your neck randomly.

ele necklace - 3

And there you have it! A necklace you loved years ago is reborn into something you would wear today! My mum was so pleased to see this sitting on my dresser. We both love elephants and have a major soft spot for the gentle giants and I guess there’s a reason I had an elephant necklace when I was a kid!

Another DIY project completed in less than a half hour (including searching for materials I had at home)

It’s a somewhat mundane monday at work, but things are just starting to get warmed up. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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