orita diary:vectorising myself

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with my internship, graphic design classes, and getting college stuff done as well, while trying to fit some time for other things in between all that as well. What have I been up to in terms of graphic design? Well right now I’ve actually completed Adobe Illustrator, and have been working on my assignment for that, an A3 poster designed on Adobe Illustrator (of course). We’ve moved onto Adobe Photoshop as well now, and that’s been great fun as it’s the software I’m most familiar with.

Anyway, on our fourth lesson, we took on a challenge that was both difficult, but hilarious. Vectorising items is not too difficult; the real challenge starts when you want to vectorise people and photographs. Apparently a good place to start is vectorising yourself, as you would then do your very best for it to turn out decent, and you wouldn’t be offending anyone other than yourself if it turns out looking weird as well. Vectorising yourself works, basically.

So we started off by taking a photo of ourselves. Pardon my general tiredness. Classes after work are sometimes exhausting, but well worth it.

orita 4 - 1

Hi! That’s me! I decided to tie my hair up as I got scared by the idea of having to vectorise my giant fluffy, frizzy hair and having to deal with colour shades and whatnot.

orita 4 - 2

This is the ‘scary-as-fuck’ phase, where you start vectorising your face, and then wonder how this is ever going to turn out looking alright. This looks horrifying, and like something out of my worst nightmares. It’s the eyes. They’re terrifying.

orita 4 - 3

Hey, look! When you take out the photograph from behind, it looks much better. It actually starts looking like you. With a sigh of relief, you can place your photograph back where it should be, and continue vectorising elements while trying to stifle your laughter as to how terrifying the vectors look over your photo.

You may notice that my ear is a shade of brown that it shouldn’t be.This was a mistake I corrected later, but I found it kind of funny as well.
orita 4 - 5

Vectorising details takes time and effort, and I was short on the time, and hence could put in less effort than I wanted to. Nevertheless, I managed to get my shirt’s outline done, and was quite pleased with how the collar and my braid was turning out.

I’m also pretty pleased with my glasses.

The one thing that was just not working for me was my mouth. The lips were too thick, the teeth were impossible to get right, and eventually I figured I’d ignore my mouth and get everything else done first. Pretty much the same thing with noses. How do artists draw noses, really? I’ve never figured that out.

orita 4 - 6

After some more work on it, here’s the final result. Laugh away at my orange-slice teeth, and too thick lips. The only good thing about that mouth is that the colour of my lips is pretty much the exact shade of my lipstick (which is a Revlon Colorburst in Rosy Nude). My eyebrows aren’t even, but they aren’t even in person either, so I guess that still works.

Overall, I’d call this a passable effort on the basis that it does mostly look like me, but there are dozens of things I could have done better.

orita 4 - 7


And of course I had to instagram this glorious image of myself. I think the filter sorted out the colours quite nicely.

Vectorising people, not the easiest of things. If all goes well (fingers crossed), I’d be getting the opportunity to work on a lot more vectorising. I hope to hear good news soon so I can give you guys good news as well!

Coming up next: Final Adobe Illustrator class: Making A Brochure.



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