DIY shorts (from jeans to shorts)

I’ve been saying for some time now that I had this pair of jeans that I wanted to try making into shorts. Well, I finally got around to doing that now that I’m on summer break and there’s more time for doing things like this. I followed the tutorial as seen on my favourite and it was really quite simple a DIY project. Took me the most of about fifteen minutes, maybe.
1 - the jeans

Here we see the jeans that were going to be chopped. These are an old, old pair of grey jeans from Samuel&Kevin and while they’re not fantastic jeans, they’ve lasted me an approximate eight or so years thus far and are in wearable condition. However, my main issue with these jeans now is that nobody wear such baggy jeans. Basically the ends of these jeans are almost the same width as the thigh area, as seen in the photo above. It makes for jeans that are too baggy these days when everyone seems to wear better-fitting jeans mostly of the skinny sort.

2 - the materials

As mentioned by Refinery29, a pair of your own shorts are the best guide for yourself.I used a pair of my trusted Bershka shorts, though what’s pictured above is a pair of UJ/Uniqlo Jeans shorts. Your main items required for this DIY are a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts that you wear, some large safety pins, tailor’s chalk (I couldn’t find mine, and used a Stabilo colour pencil instead, which worked perfectly), and a pair of scissors.

3 - pin the crotch

Step 1: Pin the crotches of your shorts and jeans together. This just keeps them in proper alignment so things will continue to fit you comfortably even after being turned into short.

4 - pin the legs

Step 2: Pin the legs along the inseam, to make sure you’re getting the right estimate for length.
5 - checkpoint 1

That’s what it should look like.

6 - mark the length

Step 3: Draw a line a few centimetres below where the hem of your shorts ends. As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t find my tailor’s chalk, so I simply used a colour pencil to draw a line to guide where I should cut. The colour pencil is really light, which in a way is a good thing, and it washed out fine.

7 - CUT

Step 4: Take a deep breath and cut! It may help to cut your line slightly tapered inwards to the inseam. Not by a lot, just a little bit.This means our inseam won’t keep riding up uncomfortably.

8 - the shorts!

Step 5: Now jean shorts are lot more fitting than store-bought denim shorts because jeans are supposed to be fitting at your thighs. It is still comfy, though. I was lazy to hem it, so I just cuffed the shorts twice, and it can be worn! I found my initial length a little too long, so I trimmed it a little further. I spent ten minutes wondering what to do with all the spare denim. In the end I added it to my craft supplied.

9 - all my shorts


And there you go! You have another pair of shorts to add to your collection.Even if it isn’t as well-cut as your shorts-that-were-always-shorts, it’s always nice to have a random pair of short around for errand-runs or a casual day.



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