PotW: cafe calling

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I have a folder of bookmarks under my bookmarks called ‘new cafes to visit’. I’m seeing this wave of cafe culture coming back to Singapore (and maybe it’s happening around the world too) where homey cafes with specialty coffees and unique cakes and cupcakes and muffins are sold. I like the idea of sitting in cafes for a few hours and spending time by yourself, reading, working on something, or just talking with a friend. I can imagine spending weekend afternoons occupying a little table in a corner of a cafe, with a good book (like Just My Type by Simon Garfield, which I’m reading now) with a nice latte, iced or hot depending on my mood and the weather. A muffin, or a scone, freshly baked and smelling like comfort, would be eaten tiny piece by tiny piece.

The reality is that these cafes are expensive, and simply getting a cup of coffee and a slice of cake would cost me as much as two or three meals (and to put a finger on the figures, my estimate is that cake and coffee usually adds up to anywhere between $9 to $15 depending where you are and what you get) I don’t feel comfortable spending that kind of money on something as simple as coffee or cake. It’s a luxury that I allow myself once in a while, but not often. These cafes also tend to be really small so you never know if you’re going to get a seat or not, and if you don’t, where do you go? And there’s also the part where I’m either never free on weekends to have time to myself as I’m working on something college related or have something to attend to that I couldn’t get done during the weekdays. Weekends so far have been exhausting and tiring, and it’s only been the second weekend since I was done with finals.

I’ve found myself just wanting to stay home and do things at home as I can’t find the energy to get dressed and brave the crowds in trains and buses and in malls and  outdoors, basically. Fighting my way into trains and buses twice a day, five days a week is bad enough to someone as claustrophobic as myself. I’ve been getting by so far by distracting myself with videos while I’m standing squished between equally irritable, tired, and sleepy people on trains. I hate it so very much but the videos managed to brighten my mood a teensy bit at the very least.

I’ve been jonesing for a jersey dress lately. I don’t have the figure for it, and it probably would look odd on me, but I like the idea of something casual that you can just throw on and go, something that’s soft and and comfortable and it feels as though your dress is hugging you. I’ve been jonesing for several things lately, I guess. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily have to have them.

Sometimes things are better staying as ideas in your head.

One Response to “PotW: cafe calling”
  1. I think I’m going to start visiting cafes around town. This actually started off when a colleague of mine recommended me to go to a little cafe which serves apparently the best pastries in the area. I have yet to check it out but have promised him (and myself) that I will go, hopefully this coming weekend.

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