what up with roshni?

Hello,world! I’m back, and I’m done with my sophomore year of college. Hasn’t quite sunk in yet, considering I wrote my last paper about twelve hours ago and it felt like any other class, actually. This semester’s gone by so quickly, for that matter, my sophomore year of college itself has gone by incredibly quickly. It feels like it wasn’t that long ago when I was all ‘Wow, done with a whole year of college’ and looking for summer jobs. Now, it’s going to be job time again real soon.

Highlights of my second year at college? Well, there was the talent contest I helped to run, my theatre production (of which I still haven’t posted photos up here, and I don’t think I will now either since it’s been so long), running for students association elections for the arts fraternity, going to laos, stepping into office and holding events like our summit, dying through finance, and now I’m not just a young first or second year, I’m going to be an elderly, wise third year.

But before junior year starts, there’s three and a half months of glorious (well hopefully glorious) summer break. And that calls for plans.

I have zero travel plans for the summer, which is a little sad-making, because I could really really use the break (and not leaving the country means you don’t get a break which means I won’t get a break till December, easily) but I’m trying not to be silly and mope over that. There’s enough I could get up to in Singapore and I have work, which means I’ll get my breaks on weekends and still hopefully be able to hang out with friends.

Now you may realise that on this blog’s homepage is a new-ish tab called ‘Summer 2013’. If you click on it, it’ll take you to a page that has my summer to-do lists, and things i’ve done this summer. I like making a list of goals and then working towards them. When you’re busy it doesn’t really matter, you do whatever comes your way, but on those days you’re just bored to death and have no idea what to do, that’s what the list is for.

I’ve already started my summer with a visit to the library, borrowing 5 books, two of which are design related, two of which are Psych novelisations I never expected to find at the library, and one that’s travel writing about traveling around Greece. Reading is always appreciated, but I have to admit, when the laptop’s right there in front of me and I know I don’t have to feel bad about being on page 65 of my Tumblr dashboard, I find it hard to step away from the laptop unless it’s one of those days I’m just like ‘NO LAPTOP TODAY’ and end up poking around my craft stuff.

And speaking of craft, I have a list of  DIYs I really want to try out over this summer and that list will keep growing, hopefully. And you’ll see the results of them if they turn out alright.

I’m going to be working at a local social media strategy company, and that starts in May, so I’m sort of excited about that even though it’s a little scary at the same time because it’s finally a step into the industry I want to work in. No more fluffy summer jobs, this year it gets serious and I hope everything works out well for me and the company as well. I hope I’m  useful to them. You’ll hear lots about work over the next few months I guess.

One week before work begins, I should make the most of it.


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