diy nautical bracelet

So let me give you some context here. I’m done with classes for this semester, and this weekend was the start of my study week. I’ve got a week before my finals begin, and then it’s summer. I know this seems early considering spring hasn’t even started yet in some places with it still snowing and whatnot, but it’s hot hot hot in Singapore and our college years are coming to an end. I’m going to see the end of my sophomore year of college, I’m going to be a Junior (and that feels completely odd).

There’s been a bunch of other things also going on which keep me busy, exhausted, and feeling a little crazy, but I’m not going to go there since it’s boring and pointless. What’s cool is that summer is round the bend and that means my Summer To-Do lists are growing again, and I really want to DIY a whole bunch of things and I’ve just been waiting for summer break to come around so I can get down to all those things.

Turns out my fingers were itching to do something other than whack numbers into calculators and occasionally scribble something on paper, and after two days of studying pretty much all day long, I needed a break and found myself looking for a DIY project. It always kind of sucks when you’re looking for something to do, but don’t have all the things you would need immediately, so finding something to do took me some time, but I settled on making this Nautical Rope Bracelet and had my eye on this particular tutorial from Operation Overhaul. Let me just say that Operation Overhaul is a pretty sweet DIY-site run by a friend of mine from secondary school and another friend of hers, and it’s so useful to have a DIY site based in Singapore as it becomes easier to figure out where you can buy things from.

It’s such a simple tutorial, easy to follow, and this really took my mind off Finance and Corp Comm for a while, even if it was just about an hour or so. I am pleased with how it turned out. Kind of excited to wear it somewhere, now.

It may be a while before you hear from me. I’ll try to keep things going smoothly, but I may get lost in finals for the next few weeks.

ooh screenshot

This is what the tutorial looks like on Operation Overhaul. And look! There’s a photo of the two who run the site. I know such talented people its such a nice feeling to know the people you grew up around (i.e. went to school with) are going places, and will be going places in the years to come.


So that’s me figuring out the knot, referring to the tutorial. I actually ended up not buying rope, but using somewhat similar rope/string that came from a pair of shorts.

bracelet done

I also didn’t have leather on hand with me, but I have a bunch of random pieces of cloth with me at all times (perks of being an Indian and having random sari-blouse pieces and sleeves of salwars you never sew on lying around at home) I used black cloth instead for the ends. I have to say, though, I am quite the reckless sewer, giving little thought to how messy something’s going to look, even though it will be sewn on well enough for it to not fall out anytime soon.

on wrist

And the greatest worry: will it fit? It fits fine!

completedSo that’s what it basically looks like. Could have been neater, definitely, but I like how it turned out.

If you’re interested in Nautical DIY’s, click here to go to another nautical tutorial of mine, the Nautical Tote Bag Tutorial.


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