film love

A reel of film that I had bought myself for my Laos trip in December, and took till mid-February to use, and mid-March to develop. I do love how some of these photos turned out.

3 - clothesline

our clothes lines outside the house we stayed in at ban pong song, laos

4 - sunrise at school

the sun peeking through trees at the school we were working at
2 - liau and chicken

my favourite liau and his chicken. i absolutely adore this kid’s energy and also loved chasing the teenage-chickens (they look so awkward. they’re not cute chicks anymore but they’re not fat chickens either. they’re kind of scrawny awkward teenager chickens)

8 - sunset

a beautiful sunset that i enjoyed for the whole two weeks. it was stunningly beautiful.

1 - the bridge river

we took a barge-type river crossing thing while on a tuk-tuk van

7 - namkhonggggg

yanjing holds a bottle of the lovely namkhong beer after the laos vs. singapore soccer match. i miss namkhong.

10 - cavez

the lands we passed by to get to the caves. i enjoy having land around me with little construction.

11 - world map

our library! wall one of the library is the world map

12 - fishy

wall two has ocean creatures and our project sunshine 4 namesake etched on forever.

13 - timeline

and the third wall is the timeline for the kids, a wall that i was in charge of!

9 - mekong

this is the mekong river in vientiane, laos. there is a lack of river as a result of the yangtze/yellow river being stopped by the three gorges dam. this made me very sad.

14 - bacc

the lovely bangkok arts and cultural centre right next to mbk mall and our hotel, evergreen place. i will never forget walking by this a gazillion times and wanting to go in and then just deciding to fuck it and going myself without worrying about things too much. best decision everrrrr.

15 - bacc cafe kaffetography

the hipster cafe i sat at for about an hour. i forget the name of this place (kaffe-to-something) but it was at the basement of the BACC and overlooked the plaza outside where there were a bunch of artists drawing portraits of passersby on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which was being launched in Bangkok. I had a lovely drip coffee, read more of Tokyo Vice on my Kindle, and revelled generally in being able to do what I wanted to do without having to worry about anything. It was a perfect evening, walking distance from my place.

16 - sky1


17- sky2


18 - chu and snoo

these are my favourite sisters. i’ve known them forever, and they are generally adorable.

19 - chu and me

this is my favourite photograph of the reel. this picture just screams ‘party picture!’ and that’s exactly what it is. this was one fo the first photos I took in 2013, and it was a new years’ party, obviously. everything about this is just brilliant, and the film, unlike my dslr, is very forgiving to my bad skin. this photo is now my phone’s lock-screen background. it makes me happy.

20 - starbucks

my free drink and cake from Starbucks for my birthday. i like how fuzzy this photo turned out.

21 - homeas always, last photo to just finish off the reel always ends up being taken at home. this is the view from out my room window at home. it was a beautiful day. and yes, there is jungle right outside my place. i keep telling people this but they don’t seem to realise how beautiful it is.


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