what i wore to college

Four semesters in, I have to admit that wondering what to wear to college the next day is something I give a decent amount of thought to. I need to look decent enough for classes and meetings, comfy enough to last fourteen hour days, be warm in classes but not bake in the heat when I’m not in class, and basic functionality: I need to be able to move around without worrying about wind blowing my skirt or that kind of thing.

As much as I love my heels, this semester has been incredibly un heels-friendly to me. Not a bad thing, just that it makes me a little sad when I feel that my feet aren’t as heels-tolerant as they used to be.

Bottom line is, I haven’t bought any new clothes in months (since December, it feels longer than it has been, if I’m being honest), and I really need to clean out my cupboard and existing clothes. Some pieces can be retired, some can be donated perhaps, and some I’m just sick of seeing myself and can probably sell off. In the mean time, I’ve been trying to mix things up by putting together old things in new ways and I like the challenge. I like being able to see old boring pieces in new ways and it sort of gives them a second life.  Sometimes it works out better than others.

As always, bright colours make me happy, and I really, really, love my colours and prints.

PS: look out for how often I’ve been wearing my T-rex necklace.

ootd 2

This shirt from Stradivarius is about two years old now, and it looks so shapeless now, but it’s gotten so incredibly soft as well. A sad goodbye to that mustard yellow Forever21 bag I got for my birthday three years ago. I tried my best to save it. These flats from Rubi are also gone. This isn’t a very recent photo, clearly.

ootd 3

Sneakers are the best. These are a pair of Converses that I’ve happily stolen from my sister since she got herself new Chucks.

ootd 12

See, it’s rare to catch me in blacks and sober colours. This was a super crazy outfit but I liked it anyway. The crazy laptop case didn’t help either, I have to admit. This Forever 21 dress has gotten loose for me, sadly. But it’s purple and has flowers on it! Okay fine, I’ll admit this is a little crazy.

ootd 6

Denim shirt and Floral skirt! I bought this skirt in Bangkok because it was grey and had flowers on it, and was of a decent length.  And came with a woven brown belt. And was on sale. This was a comfy outfit. Super comfy.

ootd 4

I think this is an older photo again as these sneakers are sadly no more. I love this Urban Outfitters dress that my sister got while in the US. Actually so is the sweater. My sister’s, I mean. Thing with this dress is its a bit small for me in general. It fits me fine, but it’s a bit small. The waist sits way too high. I figured if I threw on a sweater top it would basically turn into a top+skirt. That worked out great for me.

ootd 5

Everybody needs red pants, okay? I have to admit that I struggle to match these pants because they’re jegging pants and they’re so bright. Doesn’t make it any less awesome, though. This flannel shirt made me look preppy, but with the sweater, this outfit just seemed to balance the red pants out.

ootd 10

Again, mixing things up. I have this wonderful sleeveless knit vest from Forever21 that I used to wear a lot, and then I stopped wearing it for a while, and I have rediscovered it! I must have gotten this nearly 3 or 4 years ago. It’s in this brilliant oxblood colour that is back in fashion these days, and it’s so incredibly soft. This is my sister’s dress, from a little stall-shop, but it’s a cool dress. And has two huge slits on either side. We call it the Angelina Jolie dress. Either way, this outfit was for a chill day at college, and a birthday lunch date with a friend. Totally worked out great. I felt cool without being overdressed or looking too crazy either.

ootd 1

This is such a comfy dress! Plus it can totally work as smart casual for presentations or events, if you throw on a blazer. I went a bit overboard with the stripes on stripes, but hey, I was warm and comfy and on some days that’s all that really matters.

ootd 8

This skirt is ridiculous. There are so many things worth hating about it. It’s so shapeless, and has that frilly bit at the bottom, and virtually no elastic on the waist. It’s a silly skirt. But I keep it because it sort of works as a pencil skirt on semi-formal occasions. This outfit is cool because I’m wearing a bandage dress and the skirt on top of that. These white wedges from Rubi were so great. I used to have a blue and white striped pair, then when those wore out I got these, and now these have worn out as well. I may very well get another pair one day. White wedges are incredibly useful.

ootd 11

And for the grand finale, the latest outfit win: I finally tried out denim on denim and it was super awesome. My sister’s H81 shirt, my Bershka shorts, and Puma high tops. I felt badass.

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