food diary, part five

When you spend so much of your time at college (think thirteen to fifteen hour days) you end up using your meal breaks as an opportunity to unwind and just take a break from the madness of everything else. Whether it’s three hours of class, or a really exhausting group meeting discussing a 25 page report that needs to be done (but has figures still missing because financial reports are only out in end-May whaaaaaat), or forcing yourself to go eat something because otherwise you won’t get any time? Well food is important. And sometimes it becomes the highlight of your day.

food 1

While everyone knows I eat a lot of fruit, what you may not know is that there’s a routine to what fruits I eat when. I take an apple to college daily to munch between group meetings or classes. I buy watermelon slices on days it’s too hot (and honestly, the watermelon slices are cheaper than getting watermelon juice) and at home, at about 11.30pm at night, as a snack I munch on berries or grapes. I call this the “Keep Your Fingers Busy” theory and I read about it somewhere. Sometimes when you’re hungry you’re not really hungry but just kind of bored and need a distraction. That’s how M&Ms and stuff works. You keep eating and eating because they’re small. Same thing can be done with nuts or berries,so I pick berries. This mostly works.

food 2

I remember this was an insane day I was cooped up in a windowless room at my college for about seven hours in a row. Working. And then I got frustrated and my friend told me to get out and go take a break, so I went to a college cafe and got myself a pot of Chamomile tea and a piece of Apple Crumble. T’was lovely.

food 3

Discovered the amazingness of Pullman Bakery at Millenia Walk and the sheer brilliance that are mint chocolate chip cookies. These were probably incredibly unhealthy but daaaaaamn, they were good.
food 4

Dinner at Salad Stop! A Habibi wrap which is basically a Falafel wrap, with fancy sparkly juice.

food 5

Then one day I got home so damn late I had to skip dinner. Came home and had this at midnight, or past midnight. Nothing quite like toast,berries, and tea after a terribly long day.

food 6

One of my best friends bought me macarons for dessert when we had lunch together. These were to celebrate my birthday. And I had a pot of Berry Black tea. It was lovely.

food 7

I wasn’t going to waste my free slice of birthday cake from Starbucks, so Raspberry Cheesecake and Soy Matcha Green Tea Latte, and the Beyonce documentary made a really nice break from life. This cake was so much better than I thought it would be, and I can’t believe I’m okay with soy milk now. That’s an achievement.

food 8

Another easy-for-home dinner, a vegan, gluten-free vegetable pot pie (just reheat it in your microwave!) and a lovely bottle of Somersby Apple Cider. This wasn’t that filling as dinner, but I ate fruit after this.

food 9

BAGEL BREAKFASTS are the best. Bagels and jam are yummy.

food 10I’ve walked by this place so many times, but never bothered to try it. Baked jacket potatoes, mushrooms, salad, and soup and a drink for under $10. Quite lovely.


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