smells like happiness

You know how they say that certain scents can affect your mood? Freshly cut grass? The smell of the salty sea? Freshly ground coffee beans? Some of the best smells out there, man. My nose is an extremely sensitive one and while it’s mostly annoying, it’s sort of a lovely thing too. I’ve realised that a little spritz of something citrusy, or fruity perks up my mood, and that floral scents calm me down. I’m not that big on fancy perfumes in the sense that I don’t actively buy perfumes as opposed to receiving them as gifts and having them around for quite some time. I’ve found some not-that-unique scents that I really like, and here’s a list of really scents of different sorts I’ve chanced upon:

  1. Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Lasting Blooms
    baby cologne
    Baby Cologne is not a good name for this, but it does serve it’s basic function. It’s a tiny bottle of pleasant-smelling fragrance. I got this for about a dollar before my US trip in May, and it was really useful especially since it was a long flight. It makes a great pick-me-up, but it’s not a strong scent that feels overpowering. It does make you feel kinda fresher, I guess. So it’s cheap, portable, and refreshing. That’s all you need, right?
  2. Sukin Organics Natural Deodorant Spray
    I’m a firm believer that scents affect your mood. Smelling good perks up my mood considerably, makes me feel less tired when I’m exhausted, the whole she-bang. I’ve always got several scents with me, of differing sorts. My Body Shop Limited Edition Lychee Blossom bottle’s down to it’s last few uses, and as much as it’s sad to think I won’t have my sweet Lychee Blossom scent anymore, it’s also nice to create room for a new entry! This Sukin Organics definitely smelss less fruity compared to the Lychee Blossom, but I’m at a point right now where I prefer stronger scents compared to fruity ones.
  3. Healing Garden Mandarin Therapy Body Mist
    I found this gem at a local Watsons, and then got sad that it was apparently only sold at one Watsons at Ang Mo Kio Central. This was three years ago in 2009, and to say I fell in love with this scent would be an understatement. I believe I got through three of these bottles in two years, after which the Ang Mo Kio Central store stopped stocking this brand, and I was super sad about it. I remember also seeing an Antioxidant Apple and Acai Body Mist from the same brand, and thinking it smelt super lovely, but I never bought it. Guess I loved the Mandarin Therapy too much. Many friends of mine also loved this scent.
  4. Body by Burberry
    This is one of the newest perfumes I have, and I actually received a sample 2ml tube of it. I’ve grown to like this very much. It’s strong, but not too strong, and has pretty great staying power. I love the 2ml samples because they’re so portable and you don’t have to worry much about it. If you don’t like the smell, it’ll get over quickly. If you love it, well…the 2ml does last longer than one would expect.
  5. New York Autograph by Marks and Spencer
    new york
    This is my latest purchase, and the second scent I’ve bought from Marks and Spencer. More about the other one very soon. The scent spray I keep with me in my bag all the time, everywhere I go ran out, and I was ready to buy something different, something new, and headed over the M&S to see what they had. They have these lovely 10ml bottles that are pretty affordable, and they’re all quite pleasant-smelling though some are much sweeter or woody smelling than others. I actually think some of the men’s perfumes smell great (well I guess they’re supposed to smell nice to women) but I thought I’d play it safe and stick with perfume meant for the ladies. New York smells completely different from everything I generally have liked previously. It’s quite a change, but it’s been a good change. This is definitely a nifty addition to my collection
  6. Noir Freesia and Honey by Marks and Spencer
    freesia and honey
    This is the first one from M&S that I ended up buying. I was buying a gift for a friend, but then I liked the scent so much I ended up going back and getting myself one as well. I remember buying Freesia&Honey right around the time I had gotten my summer job last year, my first paycheck of the job, and also right before my trip to the USA. I remember wanting something special for the trip, and somehow decided that a scent would be good, and something that could work its way into every day that I spent in the USA. It actually worked out great. In one way I associate this perfume with my trip, which is a great thing for me, and it’s also something that is really calming. Even the name is calming to me; Freesia and Honey. This is definitely a scent for bright summery days and vacations.


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  1. i’ve read this before, but still interesting.

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