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This past week was supposed to be my mid-term break. It’s supposed to be a break from the madness that are the first eight weeks of the semester, but it never is. It’s sort of a disappointing reality more than anything. There’s nothing all that terrible about having to be back in college even during mid-term break, but the fact that it’s spent working on projects and preparing reports and presentations and just going from meeting to meeting, leaving no time for any actual break that’s sort of sad-making. This time, my mid-term break had me very busy with an event I was organising, and since that was all I did until the event was done, I spent the rest of the week catching up on work and projects.

I managed to spend some time with my sister, catch up on television shows, even managed to squeeze in reading a book on my Kindle. I went to another local university for a joint-uni-council-meet, which was a nice change of environment. I had lunch with a friend (and had some lovely macarons and berry tea), redeemed my birthday cake from Starbucks, and have even started to cut dairy from my diet in an attempt to see if it helps with my acne.

It’s not been easy trying to find a balance between drowning myself in the work that needs to be done and also getting time for myself to recharge, but all said and done, on Friday night, I’m feeling particularly good considering I had a great day today. I managed to wake up late, actually be useful with household chores, get a lot of things on my To Do list done, and even went running and bathed in the awesome that are post-run endorphins only to learn I got an A for a class quiz.

Days like these are rare and too few, but I have to admit, I think I’m doing pretty well with the diet adjustment and trying to find that balance in my life at this point. Optimistically speaking, summer break begins in eight weeks, and oh! I may have a job lined up for myself, so that’s pretty cool as well.

While my life’s speeding away and keeping me work harder at being here, you totally deserve a little break as well, so here are five things from me.


Make your own crochet zip-pouch. I came across this gem on Pinterest, and it reminded me that I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet. It just seems like a worthwhile thing to know, because of the endless possibilities it presents. You could knit scarves and bags and pouches and make jewellery or accessories and make little stuffed toys as gifts. I want to learn how to knit the same way I would like a sewing machine to help me make the things I want to make.


Tiny interview thing with Adam Levine. I just made Adam Levine a topic of his own, wow. Basically I like the guy. I have to admit he has his douchey tendencies but he generally is quite lovely on The Voice and he is nice to look at and isn’t as terrible a human being as I used to think he was several years ago. Basically he’s kind of hilarious in this interview and says some dorky things and some nice things like how men’s watches look good on women. That really caught my eye because I’ve been very tempted to obtain or procure a men’s watch for myself just to have something bigger on my wrist, except that the reality is that I already own about six watches and probably don’t need another one. Also, note to self: get that new watch I got for my birthday tightened! 


Tuebl, my new resource for ebooks You know, it’s never easy to find books for the Kindle. I’ve basically lost the ability to go to a library and borrow books because there’s never any time, and I know I’d never finish the books by the time they are due. Ebooks help in this situation a lot. I rely on Calibre a lot, and it’s an amazing piece of software that helps you manage your ebooks. Tuebl was just a random discovery, but it’s collection is amazing. It’s not the easiest thing to use to find books, but it is simple enough and it works. That’s what matters. I may have gone on a two hour spree getting enough reading material for the next few months, or something. Reading is so great.


Colour Scheme Designer. Sometimes it’s just hard to find colours that go well together by trial and error. This nifty tool makes that procedure so much simpler. And the options are super great. You can see different kinds of combinations of colours, and also see what they would look like if you used them on a webpage. It’s actually a simple thing to put together I guess, but it’s incredibly useful.


You Are Important, from Thought Catalog So you either hate Thought Catalog or love it. Or maybe you’re just mostly indifferent to it. Which is fine, obviously. I used to follow Thought Catalog on my wordpress reader, until a while ago when I felt like the entries were just messing with my reader because there were too many and I wasn’t interested in most of the stuff being posted. Then, a friend gave me a link to this particular post, and quoted me a paragraph as below:

It seems that you are just one of those rare, beautiful people who err a bit on the shy side, who assume the best in people, and who always move just slightly to the side of the stage so as not to compete for the spotlight. But you should have the spotlight, it should be turned to you. Its glow should cradle your face, and there should be a round of eager applause for you being here.

Said friend also sent it to me over Facebook chat and it was late and we were talking about things that you only talk about after 1am. It surprised me, and it really got under my skin, basically. It’s one thing to read this, and be quoted it by a friend and be made to read it. There’s just something in there that make me feel a little unsure of what to do or feel or say in response. Nevertheless, it is a good entry on Thought Catalog, and you should read it too.


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