blast from the past

People say the past has a tendency of sneaking up on you. It’s true, mostly. I have to admit that I’m not one to fall back into the past because I enjoy looking forward, I like thinking of the future and what it could be, and how it could be different from how things are right now. The past, that’s done.

But sometimes, the past sneaking up on you is sort of fun. Especially when it involves photos of you as a kid. In the last month, I’ve just seemed to see old photos of myself all over the place, and it’s been sort of lovely.

Let’s indulge in some nostalgia, shall we?

old pics 1

I dug up this photo because I wanted to cheer up a friend. We were classmates in primary school, and were best of friends, and then we went to different schools and lost touch for a while, and then got back in touch and have never been closer. I love it when things work out nicely like that. Anyway, this photo has me on the extreme left. I cannot understand why I ever thought backward-caps were ever cool. I wear caps like that in so many old photographs that really makes me question how boyish I used to be. Also nice to note that this photo was taken on a trip to the Zoo in third grade/primary three, when we were all 9, and now we’re 21, and other than me, there are three others in this photo who ended up in the same college as I’m in. It’s sort of nice.

old pics 2

Aha here we see the abovementioned friend for whom I found this photograph. She’s the total dork in the white hat covering her eyes. She looks the same, hasn’t changed all that much, and continues to be generally awesome. I’d like to point out that these pictures have mostly been taken with a Ricoh camera. It got ruined quite early on, so almost all our pics have light leaks, and looking at these now, I absolutely love that they look this way.

old pics 4

Okay I hope my sister doesn’t mind me posting this up, but I really love this photo. This was my first swimsuit, on one of the first vacations that I can remember. I was three, it was 1995, and this was Bali! I loved this neon-zebra print bikini and just generally love everything about this photo. The colours, the dorkiness, the hotel, everything!

old pics 5

See it’s weird. I remember a lot of this trip. Same Bali trip as above, and we were at a temple. I saw this very nice white chicken, and was so fascinated by it I didn’t let it get out of my eyesight for a long, long time. Then I think I may have thrown a tantrum to touch the chicken, and the tour guide let me carry the chicken and pose for a photograph. One of the first animals I carried, I think. And I can’t deny that my mum used to dress me really well. I love most of the clothes I had as a kid, dorky as they were. The 90’s were just weird for fashion. Also these pics remind me why I want to chop off my hair sometimes. I used to have short hair for most of my childhood up until I was about 9 or 10, I think. It’s been long ever since.

old pics 3

Another long-time favourites. This is me trying to dance way before I could even dance. This just captures everything so well. Always looking up at the sister, always trying to be just like her. Also look at my sassy hair man! I will admit that I did shave my head not long before this photo was taken, which is why it’s so short, but really. I just used to be so much cooler as a kid, okay?

old pics 6

Official favourite outfit as a kid. This was a hand-me-down from my sister, and in the family, it is called The Sailor Dress. It is so epic and I just loved it so much. I think I still love it very much. Again, sassy hairdo with flowers in my hair. My mum uploaded this onto Facebook on my birthday. All her friends were all “oh Roshni you look so cute/ This feels like yesterday!” and everyone had a good laugh.

old pics 7If my mum uploaded a photo for my birthday, my dad had to as well. This is the one he uploaded. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing in this photo, but let’s just say I’m waving to the camera. It’s a very nice moment caught on film. Afro-curly-short-hair remains, and these bloomer-shorts look comfy.


Well I hope you liked that. I’m not sure if I’ll look back at this entry one day and wonder what was I thinking posting photos of myself as a  kid on my blog, but these photos aren’t just baby-photos. I guess to me they’re a bunch of memories that will always remind me of simpler days and a time when the smallest thing could make the happiest kid on the planet and the smallest thing could also make me throw a hissy fit (and believe me I used to throw a lot of hissy fits; I’m the younger kid. I’m entitled to throwing hissy fits as a kid.)

I think I’m settling into 21 quite nicely. For once I think I finally feel like I’m not 16 anymore. It’s been 5 years since 16. It’s time I felt more than 16.



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