happy feet

I’ve taken a liking to capturing where my feet have been, lately. It makes for an interesting group of photos. This post could basically be a Rubi advert, except it’s not. Rubi is great because they have cheap footwear in my size (a generous 40/41) and their sales are super wonderful and bring out the worst kind of bargain finder in me.

The best kind of feet are happy ones.

PS: this is my 100th post on this blog! woo hoo! *\o/*

boots purple jeans

Boots from Forever21

flowery rubis

Flats from Rubi

heels and amazon dress

Black pumps from Bata

pumas and jeans

Puma sneakers from a sale at Expo

rubis and elephant pants

Another pair of Rubi flats

rubis and purple jeans

Wedges from Rubi


do you have reasons!

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