DIY Laptop Case Cover

Am I the only person who feels like laptop cases are uncannily expensive? I know the last one I bought was worth $20, but I paid $9.90 for it because it was on sale and I had a store discount card which got me a further discount on it. That was sheer luck. Simply put, the laptop cases I’ve seen around in shops lately seem to be priced approximately $35 onwards, and somehow that doesn’t seem worth it to me.

So what does one do when their laptop case looks boring and is all raggedy? Sew something on top of it yourself!

I had bought cloth from Ikea a couple of years ago, and have so much leftover, that I decided that my black foamy laptop case that I got from college should be made stripey and lively.

I don’t own a sewing machine (though it would be great investment for myself), so hand-stitching for the win. I was feeling kind of bleh a couple of weekends ago, down with the sniffles but nothing bad enough to make me bed-ridden and sleeping for hours, and after spending too many hours in front of my laptop screen, I figured I needed something to physically get myself away from my laptop. This was the solution.

laptop case - 1

So those are the things you would need. An unpicker is your best friend. This is mainly because I had already stitched cloth over my cover once, but it got gross over one year, so I had to unpick the whole thing by hand. That actually took quite some time, but made me realise I had actually sewn it on pretty well. Let’s not question why tea is a requirement, but ask why not have a giant mug of tea while crafting. Tea is the best.

laptop case - 2

Then after I’d sewn on the ikea cloth, I thought it looked too similar to what my case used to look like. There’s no fun in repeating the same thing again. I found some spare pieces of cloth and made a little pouch compartment for the laptop sleeve. Sewing it on wasn’t very easy considering how thick the cloth was at this point. I used a giant needle and stabbed my fingers an unglamourous number of times, but it was all worthwhile. This is where the tea helps. Keep Calm and Drink Your Tea and Soldier On (and yes you may curse whenever you poke yourself when you told yourself you wouldn’t)

laptop case - 3

I didn’t take a lot of photographs of the process, this time round. It’s a bit of a pity. I was too caught up with the whole stabbing-myself-continuously portion of getting this done and trying not to get spots of blood onto the cloth. Rest assured, my laptop-case is still pristine and bears no evidence of the blood I shed over this project. So after it was done, I ironed the whole thing, since it was quite wrinkled, added my iron-on badges (turns out you can peel them off and iron them again!! that’s so great), and added some other little buttons that I’ve collected over the last two years. Also, I love my laptop stickers. Do you?

laptop case - 4

Here, just because I love this so much and you should all know what or where each thing is from. I have more buttons from my London trip, actually. I sort of got these little buttons from half the places I visited, because they were small, cheap, and cute. I have one from the Royal Observatory where the Greenwich Meridian is, a couple more from museums here and there. I miss London. Also, the story behind these two cloth patches is also fun. In 2006, I went on a trip to Perth as a 14-year-old, with my school. We dropped by Fremantle Markets, and I saw this massive stall selling cloth patches at 3 for AUD10. I didn’t buy any because I thought my mum would yell at me for making an unworthy decision to buy something on impulse. I never forgot about that stall, and when I went back to Perth in 2011, I made sure that I dropped by the same stall in the Fremantle Markets and got myself three patches that I knew would go onto a laptop case or backpack or something with high utility. These are the two I bought, and I got a third Doctor Who related one for a friend. Cloth patches are the best and are strangely difficult to find in Singapore.

laptop case - 5

I like how the process of making these things is fluid. You have so much control over what you want and how you want to do it. I figured I’d sew in buttons to close the compartment on the sleeve, but then when I went to the shops near my place to get some household groceries, I found strips of velcro on sale. It was such a wonderfully serendipitous moment where everything seemed to make sense. Velcro is great because it stays shut unless you rip it open. It’s cheap, not messy, and doesn’t add bulk to your item. It works wonderfully as a pocket, now.

laptop case - 6

TA-DAH! I am immensely pleased with the way the extra pocket but turned out.

I can’t say this is a masterpiece or a flawless piece, but I’d say it’s another mission accomplished. I managed to do what I set out to: make a new cover for my laptop, and effectively spent $1.20 on just the velcro. The sewing isn’t the neatest thing ever, but it is hand-sewn, by myself, and I think that is pretty damn awesome by itself.

This was a nice weekend project. I wonder when I’ll get the time for my next one. College is getting extremely busy as always.

4 Responses to “DIY Laptop Case Cover”
  1. xinyun says:

    I was originally looking for how to make a whole laptop case from scratch, but your post was very nice to read, and it’s such a good idea to put a pocket! I shall steal your idea if you don’t mind :D
    I am so envious that you’ve been to London, it is my dream to live there. :) All in all, very nice post and very nice blog Ochie (love that name btw).
    I’ve got a “fashion” blog as well, although it’s not nearly as interesting as yours :P

    • ochie says:

      Hello! And thanks! I figure to make your own laptop case from scratch, you should get some neoprene (seems like a sturdy enough material to protect your laptop) and a zip, and start from there. That might require a sewing machine, though.

      The pocket is incredibly useful. I usually just use it to keep my subway card and college ID in there so I don’t leave it behind after classes or meetings or drop it while on the train.

      Send me some pics if you do try this out for yourself! Or something along those lines.

      London is a beautiful city and I’d love to go back at some point. It’s definitely on my list of places I wouldn’t mind living in for a while.

      aaaaand thanks! My blog’s sort of a dumping ground for a lot of things, I try to keep it as organised as possible :D

      Have a lovely Friday!

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