man’s best friend

I love dogs. I love animals in general, actually, but between cats and dogs, I’d say I was more of a dog person than a cat person. While I’ve never had a pet at home, because I’m super sensitive to everything, and we have more than our share of dust allergies and sensitive noses in my family. We’re also super busy to take proper care of a pet, so we’ve never had one, but somehow I’ve been okay with that because I’ve grown up surrounded my friends with pets. I’ve spent hours playing with dogs that aren’t mine, especially this one Chihuahua named Shannon. I actually taught her tricks, she could tell I was nearby from quite a distance away, and I remember seeing her fur turn white as she grew older. My neighbour has an adorable dog, and this past semester, I used to see him on his way back home after his morning walk as I waited for my bus to get to class.

It because a bit of a routine, and he would not budge from in front of me until I patted him. No matter how hard I tried, he still got his thrice-weekly pats after his morning walk.

Have some adorable dog photos.







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