what up with roshni?

One semester at college is fifteen weeks, out of which, the last is the start of exams, the one before that is study break, and we have a mid term break in the middle, so we essentially have twelve weeks of lessons, and twelve weeks is just three months. It feels like so much more, though. Summer break feels like it was years ago. Time and its elasticity (and I mean this in a “the past seems way too long ago but we’re just hurtling towards the future whether we like it or not” sense) makes me get all philosophical so let’s not go there just yet.

What have I been up to? The last time I did such an entry was in September, when I was talking about being busy with my radio show, camps, watching a music concert, all that kinda jazz. Since then, I’ve gotten through the college talent contest and my drama production, had the chance to watch a preview show of Jersey Boys (you should find a review some time in the month ahead, yes), had a wonderful appreciation dinner from the people at Google/The Athena Network at Zafferano’s, and if you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you’ll realise I’ve been eating lots of good food. That’s probably the highlight of this semester, considering the activities have been keeping me running almost non-stop every day every week, it’s the food I picked to indulge in. There’s a lot of good food in Singapore, that’s nothing new.

Oh, I also did manage to catch a showing of The Wizard, The Goat, and The Man Who Won The War at my university mostly because it was free, on a Friday, and had good company to go with. The piece was a monologue about David Lloyd George, and it was a nice break from academics, actually. I didn’t analyse this production too much, but I did enjoy it considering my uni doesn’t do this kind of thing very often. It was also cool to meet a local playwright at this event, and working up the guts to actually have a conversation with him. Grabbing opportunities where I find them, I guess!

I managed to cross off a very important goal of mine for 2012 as well, and that’s getting my driver’s license! It’s been a long and expensive process, and it took me nearly a year because I kept putting driving lessons off due to productions and school and the summer job, and then I finally booked my test slot, and everything went much better than I expected. I’ve got my license now, and have actually sat in the driver’s seat of my dad’s car and driven the car, but it’ll be a couple more test drives before I really get comfortable driving around my dad’s car. If you’re not from Singapore, let me just add that it is an extremely celebration-worthy moment considering that the country tries its best not to let people drive. For such a tiny place, it’s extremely congested traffic-wise, and public transport is good and reliable most of the time, so there’s no actual need to drive, but it still is a skill worth having, so be happy for me. (:

Then there was Diwali in November, and that was sort of messy considering it was smack between project presentations and report submissions and that’s a whole new level of complicated. I didn’t do too much, just had a lunch party with family friends (it was a very, very, good lunch) and spent time with people I love, which is what really matters. There’s also the bit where I do my own henna as always, and I also gave myself an ankle tattoo, and then felt extremely pleased that I had an ankle tattoo even if it was temporary and my lotus sort of looked more like a peeling onion.That’s all faded off by now, of course. I have pictures on my phone, somehow I just haven’t sorted them out very much lately.

School’s been school, I guess. I’ve still got two finals left, and then I’m actually done with three semesters of uni. I’m almost halfway done with college. I realised that last week and it really struck me and also freaked me out a little, because time is really just flying right by, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to slow it down. Now here’s the fun part – my winter break.

Of course, winter is just a word for it, considering in Singapore, there is no winter. It’s Christmas break, then. But I don’t even technically celebrate Christmas. So let’s call it my term break. I’ve got slightly over a month, and it basically starts right after I’m done with my finals.

I’ll be spending two weeks in a village called Pong Song (so it’s called Ban Pong Song, or Pong Song Village) in Laos, working with a bunch of awesome people to teach kids English, have fun with these kids, and also help the school refurbish their library and extend their staff room. It’s the 4th time a team’s going to the same village to help them, and I’m incredibly excited about this whole project. I’ve always wanted to go overseas to help people, and it’s one of those things that somehow never worked out until now. I’ve spent some time in the last three months figuring out what would make a nice library (and seriously, library love is awesome. I adore libraries and would love to create the best library for the kids that is possible with our skills and budget) and getting things ready. I’ve been hearing stories from people who have gone on past trip, I’ve been looking at photographs, and everything’s just getting me into this frame of mind where I am just waiting to be able to leave my laptop at home for three weeks and have no Internet or wi-fi and see less people than I do in Singapore.

Things that excite me about this trip? Well, between all the working and interacting with kids and families, there’s a river in the area (the local community literally leaves baskets of Lao beer in the middle of the river to cool it) and there’s a cave we’re going to explore one day. We’re going back into Vientiane one of the weekends, and that should make for some possible sight-seeing too I guess. I’m excited about being surrounded by nature (maybe too much nature, even), and I have my worries, but I’m really looking forward to this trip as an eye-opener and something to put my life into perspective. I think I’ve been in Singapore for too long, and I’m taking a lot of things for granted, so that needs a bit of adjustment, and this trip might help with that.

Another thing that excites me is that well, this will be only the third time I’m actually travelling without my parents, and that in itself is something that’s a different kind of good. Family-time is always appreciated, but it’s also nice to travel with friends. The experiences are completely different. I’ll probably be taking my sister’s Kindle for this trip and have loaded it up with a bunch of good books including Return to a Sexy Island by Neil Humphreys, Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstine, The Sweet Like in Paris by David Lebovitz, Wide Awake by David Levithan, and The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived: How Characters of Fiction, Myth, Legends, Television, and Movies Have Shaped Our Society, Changed Our Behavior, and Set the Course of History by Allan Lazar, Jeremy Salter, Dan Karlan It’s an interesting bunch of books, and I’m still a bit half/half on whether take an actual book with me as well. When am I going to read on this trip? Well we have plane rides, and a 14-hour train journey from Vientiane to Bangkok, Thailand, so I’m hoping I can get some introspection and me-time on that trip. I do like trains in general.

I splurged a little bit and also got myself a Kodak Ultra Compact Single-Use Camera which gives me 39 exposures with ISO800 film. This should be fun. I’ve also decided I won’t take my DSLR on this trip because I have other forms of technology which are bulky that I have to carry around, so it’ll be this, my iPhone, and my Canon Ixus 80IS. Photo opportunities should be aplenty on this trip I think.

We’ve got a run-team of sorts coming together for this trip, and that’s kind of lovely as well. It’s mostly just people wanting to exercise on a daily basis, lest we grow fat and happy, and I think that might be something I join. I achieved my goal of running a 5k this year, and I’m going to run a 10k next year. I know the Terry Fox Run 2013 will be in January, and I’m leaning towards joining the 5k simply because it’s a great cause.

What else, really? I guess I could use the reminder that I’ve still two more finals ahead of me over the next two days, and that I shouldn’t forget that. It’ll go by quickly enough I’m sure.

So while I’m away, you might still see some posts here coz I’ll be queueing-up some entries if I have the time :D

PS: Check out my Christmas Playlist which I made on 8tracks.com! May it bring you some festive cheer!

2 Responses to “what up with roshni?”
  1. Victoria says:

    Have fun on your holiday!! And congrats on your driving license!!! :D Hahahah I failed mine! :\

    Just dropping by to thank you for your wonderful Christmas card, and yupp have a great great December! <3

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