costa coffee singapore

My first interaction with Costa Coffee was on my trip to the London, where I was also introduced to some wonderful coffee places like Monmouth Coffee, Cafe Nero,PAUL, the-cafe-at-The National Theatre, and more. I was used to just seeing Starbucks and Coffee Bean as coffee chains, and seeing so many more in London fascinated me, to put it simply. So when I heard that Singapore was getting Costa Coffee, I was quite pleased, considering it’s always nice to have more options available. Knowing that one was opening right next to my college campus, at the mall where I get my lunch or dinner from regularly, was a nice idea.

The decor of the place is like that of any other coffee shop. It’s got comfortable seats, has a nice feel to it. 

I took a picture of their machine. I’m not too sure why, but I think I liked the set-up. The machine usually is set such that you don’t really know what’s happening, but with this set-up, you can totally see what’s going on with brewing your coffee beans to make your drink.

I visited Costa this day to get myself lunch on the go. I didn’t have time to sit and soak in the atmosphere, and I didn’t get a drink either (which is kinda ironic I guess). I thought I would judge this place by the amount of vegetarian options they have, since that would determine how often I’d drop by. This Tomato and Spinach quiche caught my eye, and looks great! A slice looked like it might keep you full for a bit.

Environmentally friendly! They don’t use plastic stirrers, and have wooden ones instead, which I prefer. I know a friend once shared with me her fears of having splinters in her drink, but I expressed my own fears of the heat of my drink melting the plastic stirrer while I viciously stirred in my sugar.  I prefer wooden stirrers.

I ended up picking a ‘toastie’ wrap to take-away. It had mushrooms, cheese, caramelised onions, and some other roasted veggies. Sounded good, so I got it. They toasted it for me, and the little takeaway packet I got in return was simple and functional. I got back to college, and dove right in during the meeting. Turns out, they’d cut my wrap in half, toasted it brilliantly, and also packed it really well. It’s wrapped in paper, but there’s also a little coated-paper covering that keeps the sandwich or wrap in shape, and it’s so great for eating on the go. I’d give this two thumbs up because no other place seems to have take-away packaging this friendly.  It seems virtually impossible to spill something from your sandwich onto your table or lap with this packing. It’s that awesome.

So Costa Coffee? I like their food and service, and I’ll probably go back soon to get some coffee :D


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