because of reasons, five-thing style!

College (and well, projects and my theatre production) is getting real busy at the moment, even though it’s my mid-term break, and at the same time, I’m finding all these interesting things online, and want to talk about them here, but somehow never seem to put an entry together. This is an attempt to solve that. Five-Things-BecauseOfReasons will be an occasional post about five things from different areas that I think are cool. Whatever it may be.

So to get this thing rolling, today’s five things!


 Batman Comic Book Flats. A friend pointed this out to me because she knew this would intrigue me. Shoes are one thing, but comic book-anything is honestly pretty lovely. My sis had bought a Marvel Heroes backpack a while back and I shamelessly commandeered it to use for college for quite a while. I was known for my comic-book bag, actually. It’s no secret that I have always lusted after comic-book heels like these awesome ones for years now, so finding a DIY on this is pretty sweet.

MUSIC People occasionally ask me where I find musicians from. As someone who loves music, and works with Campus Radio, it’s always a question of not just continuously playing stuff people love, but it’s more of an opportunity to introduce new music to people. I get bored of even my most favourite albums or musicians on occasion, and then I hunt for musicians similar to those artists I love. A nice place to find new music for free, completely legally, is Noisetrade. Sometimes, somewhat popular artists release their music there, like Matt Wertz and Young the Giant and Jars of Clay and Aimee Mann. You can search for music based on artists you already like, and also get emails telling you what’s available that’s new. I have found some beautiful gems from Noisetrade, and I think the main thing here is to give new music a chance!


I have to admit I miss reading. Being so incredibly busy has left me with little time to read. Even when I’m taking breaks with tea and toast, I try to get some administrative work done at the very least. Reading’s falling off the cliff a little bit, but I do hope that things might get a little better with my production out of the way in slightly over a week. And my potential reading material is nothing short of fantastic! My sis brought back some great stuff, so in general, I’m looking forward to getting through the following books, hopefully through the rest of the year:

      1. Written on the Body by Jeannette Winterson (I just started this over the weekend, and like it so far!)
      2. Rafa: My Story by Rafael Nadal
      3. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
      4. Android Karenina
      5. Bowling Across America:50 States in Bowling Shoes by Mike Walsh

I hope I can afford to spend more time reading. I miss the sheer amount of reading I did over my summer break.

FASHION I spend a large amount of time on this website, I think. I forget how I even found it in the first place, but once I did, it’s never left my bookmarks, and is one of my favourite places not just for fashion-related stuff, but also lifestyle. The site’s grown a lot over the past couple of years, and it pleases me that it has, because the people there are great at what they do, and I should admit that I’ve thought about how wonderful it could potentially be to do an internship with them. Their slideshows are lots of fun, they’re always up to date on all kinds of news, but I will admit on occasion there’s a completely random post that makes it seem like any other gossip blog, but if you can overlook that, Refinery29 is a great way to entertain yourself.


Coffee Table People Food blogs are fun, there’s no denying that. I enjoy nice pictures of food as much as the next person, but coffee is something else altogether. This blog’s been on my bookmarks for a while now, though I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like to have, on it. Which only means there is more for me to explore! I think what they do is great, and more people should know about it. Coffee, travel, culture, photography, it’s all there on that blog. Helps with the occasional wanderlust, I guess!

do you have reasons!

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