a sunday kind of love

I believe I was mentioning earlier how I needed a break from things, and I managed to filch a couple of hours to myself over the weekend. My sister told me that she’d won a pair of tickets to watch Occupation by Checkpoint Theatre and that became the focus of our Sunday out. I think I shall review the piece in a separate entry, because it was a brilliant piece of theatre, but my Sunday on the whole was pretty wonderful.

After satisfying my weeks-long craving for pancakes from Food For Thought, we basically spent some time wandering the general area, admiring the lovely shop windows/displays at Robinsons on the way. Robinsons has always intrigued me with their shop windows, and this isn’t the first time that they’ve used raw materials that anybody could get their hands on to create displays. Earlier this year, as spring was settling in, I remember a shop window creating sunflowers out of yellow bag ties. I thought that was genius, and this is genius too. Not including the fact that the outfits on display are also gorgeous and really wearable. I’d love to have a job designing and planning shop displays. Some of them are just such a joy to look at and admire!

Another highlight of the day was finally visiting Tiong Bahru Bakery at Raffles City. Yes, that’s the mall I pretty much walk to every single day, but somehow I’d never really walked by this place or considered having a snack there. I’ve heard so many people speak of this place, but somehow it hasn’t come up so much in coffee-related discussions I’ve had with friends. From my understanding, this place uses the same coffee served at 40 Hands and so I got myself a latte to try that. My sis got a plain croissant, I decided to not get the same thing, and try a Kouign-Aman instead, which is in simple layman-terms, something that looks like a Raisin Sultana from Delifance (but it is not the same thing!), but it’s plain and has melted sugar glazed on the top. These go so well with coffee, I’m honestly a little concerned for my wallet because now that I know how great this place is…you’re probably going to find me there more often.

One Response to “a sunday kind of love”
  1. Thank you very much for watching Occupation! Looking forward to your review :)

    Hope to see you at our other productions; do ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up for our mailing list to receive more updates from us about upcoming events.

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