what I wear to college

College Fashion is a big deal, and perhaps understandably so. I’m someone who never got to wear whatever she wanted to school until she was 19, and after twelve years of always wearing school uniforms to school, the idea of wearing whatever you want to school on a daily basis is both freeing and gives me frequent headaches. I know that a sizeable portion of people think it’s great to walk around in shorts and t-shirts every day, but I’m not of them. I actually enjoy putting outfits together, and as someone lacking the hairless-gene that some of my friends seem to be blessed with, I effectively can’t wear shorts every single day.

Different school days ask different things of me. If I know I’m going to the radio studio for a recording, I need a good sweater or hoodie, if I’ve got drama rehearsal that means no skirts or heels, if I’ve got a presentation that means no jeans, and so on. I generally spend about twelve to fourteen hours in school on average considering I have drama rehearsals regularly, and meetings on other days, but that also plays into picking something that makes me happy (because clothes make me happy, yes) and I am comfortable in.

Have five pictures of outfits I’ve worn in school. I could re-title this entry “Look At The Ladies’ Toilets At SMU”.

4 Responses to “what I wear to college”
  1. clfrnkxn says:

    they’re all really cute but the second one is SO well put together. i love it!!!

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