food diary, part 2

Following on from my last entry that was a food diary, I know I generally eat quite healthily, and I enjoy that most of the time. But of course, I occasionally just want something sweet and sinful to munch on in the afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee, and then I find myself having my pick of places to go eat. Cupcakes are always good, especially when you haven’t had one in a long, long time. I generally gravitate towards a little piece of sponge cake or toast to go with my tea or coffee, but every now and then a little indulgence doesn’t hurt.

With the term having resumed, and my having morning classes, I realised it made sense for me to make my own mid-class snack as that saves me time during my breaks, saves me some money, and is also healthier than what I’d otherwise get myself between classes. Granola is always good, and I used to buy granola bars regularly, but some time ago, I read an article about how part of one’s hunger is based on how your hands just need to be distracted for a while. It’s the same theory that works when you buy a little pack of M&Ms as opposed to a bar of chocolate, and feel more satisfied with the M&Ms because there are more little pieces, and you eat them one by one. So I figured this works for snacking as well. More your fingers are occupied, less hungry you’ll feel, and it’s been pretty true. Instead of munching on potato chips, you can munch on nuts and granola! This blueberry granola-crisps pack is pretty awesome.It’s a lovely resealable pack, and it’s blueberry flavoured, which is just great! It’s sweet, but not fakely sweet either. Good stuff all around.

Dean and Deluca Singapore? I haven’t had the chance to get coffee from there, and doubt I will anytime soon, but I did drop by just to have a peep, and it’s got such a lovely feel to it! It makes you want to cook up a storm and use exquisite ingredients that you don’t normally use, and I have to admit, I might be a little smitten. Classy as hell, Dean and Deluca. Caved and bought myself mints since I needed mints anyway.


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