ochie takes the day off

It’s so easy to get caught up in things and get bogged down by them. This year’s been pretty insane, all things considered, and I’m always kind of surprised that I have actually only seen one English film in cinemas this year, and that was Amazing Spider-Man. I missed all the good movies that released this year, and other than catching a Hindi movie or two with my parents, I haven’t really been watching that many films this year. I still haven’t watched Avengers, The Hunger Games,or The Dark Knight Rises. Movies ain’t going anywhere, I guess.

At the end of the day, what matters to me more is that I get the breaks that I need every now and then, because running on auto-pilot for too long never does me any good. This year, it seems like I’ve been pushing my limits almost continuously, and then also rewarding myself for that in ways different to what I’ve done before. So summer break went by in a jiffy, that seems like old news now, but once term started, things got busy very quickly, and I found myself realising that I just needed a couple of hours away from everything school-related. I got myself tickets to watch Charlie Lim perform, and also to hear the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra play a set of music from the Harry Potter Movies.

Then suddenly, that lovely weekend seemed too long ago, and I was wondering when I would ever get a break. In the back of my head was the lingering fact that I knew I would terribly disappointed with myself if I missed the Harry Potter exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, knowing what a die-hard Potter fanatic I am, and so decided that I would force myself to take a couple of hours off to recharge, and it was a good decision. Was a lovely morning spent at the museum with my sister and a friend, and it gave me some energy to get me through the next couple of weeks after that.

Know your limits, test and push them regularly, but nothing is worth killing exhausting yourself over. Repeat, and remember.







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