there’s a new sushi place near college!

As a vegetarian, I’m always on the lookout for new places to eat. Not only new places, but also new kinds of food. Japanese food’s awesome, but it’s not easy to find places selling vegetarian Japanese cuisine, so when I heard of this place where you can make your own sushi rolls and salads, I figured I had to check it out for myself.

Makisan basically works on a model similar to that of Subway and Sumo Salad. There’s a full open bar of options, you can pick from items on the menu, or create your own sushi roll or salad by filling out a form that looks something like this. There are a LOT of options for you to pick from. It is pretty awesome.

Prices are pretty reasonable, and you can add on additional items if you’d like. I was also extremely pleased that I was allowed to substitute the meat option with two more veggies, and that put them in good light in my eyes! While I’m satisfied with a one-for-one substitution, the fact that they let me pick two vegetable options to cover the meat gives them two thumbs up.

So you hand in your order form, pay for your food, and can watch them make your sushi roll or salad! As someone who hasn’t eaten all that much Japanese food, seeing sushi made is kind of a fun experience. I also might have an unhealthy liking for the sushi-cutting machine. That is one cool invention, much like the potato shredder you see at the Rosti stall at Marche.

One thing that Makisan’s done great is their packaging. The boxes in which the sushi is served are sturdy and also look great. They’re simple, but the colours stand out and it really is attractive packaging. Below is a photo of my large sushi roll, with iced lemon tea. The sushi itself is great, and they even let you pick things such as croutons and cranberries for your sushi(or salad), and trust me, croutons in sushi is genius. Croutons in anything will be good, I think.

While this place makes great takeaway because the box is so portable, there is a little seating area where you can sit and have your meal. It looks something like this.


Pardon the low quality photographs for the entry. They were taken with my iPhone, with one hand, while balancing a bunch of other things in my other arm and trying not to drop everything in general stupidity. But I liked this place a lot, and wanted to mention it here, so pictures exist, but the quality is definitely compromised.

Let’s just say it’s all the more reason for you to check it our yourself. Makisan can be found at The Cathay, at Basement 1. Go down the escalator, and it’s the shop right in front of you, to the right of Jitterbugs.


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