because of reasons: casemate creatures iphone cover

You know, it’s one thing that Apple makes so much money out of iPhone sales, but on occasion I like to think about how much money people businesses make out of selling iPhone covers.That’s right, start laughing thinking about the number of phone covers you have stashed in various boxes that are worn out, chipped, but haven’t made their way to the bin just yet. I got my iPhone 4 sometime around July 2011 I believe, so it’s only been about a year or so since I’ve had it, and of course, it’s taken over my life in some ways, much like your phone probably has as well.

The thing about these covers? Well, only a few brave souls dare to carry around their phone with no casing whatsoever, choosing to keep it looking minimalistic and whatnot. I’m clumsy by nature, and having seen what happens to iPhones that are dropped, well, the first thing I did after getting my phone was to get a cover for it.

Within covers, you find such a huge variety in types of phone covers you can buy! It’s pretty insane trying to pick one, but in my one year of getting several phone covers, here’s a bit of a summary:

Plastic pop-ons: These look really flimsy, but are surprisingly strong. I’ve dropped my phone once or twice while in these plastic shells, and other than the plastic cracking, my phone has thankfully remained intact and scratch-free. The plus side to these are that you can find them really cheap, you can find some really gorgeous designs, and that they don’t add much bulk to your phone.

Silicone covers: Silicone has a nice feel to it. It makes it feel as though your phone is being cushioned, but somehow, it also traps dust on the inside, and with the heat of Singapore, I once had my iPod (yes, iPod, not phone) get really icky and gross after leaving it in a silicone cover for a long time. Didn’t really want to subject my phone to that. I am, convinced, however, that better-quality silicone will not make your phone icky.

Those heavy-duty, almost-military-looking protectors: These usually are a combination of the plastic and silicone, giving your phone the best of both, but they add weight and bulk to your phone, and some of them really look like they could withstand a rockfall, or something. They’re expensive, and not really necessary for most of us, I believe.

The flip covers: Flip covers were a thing for a while. Well, they’re still a thing, but having fallen for it once,I’m a little wiser now. You get two types of phone covers: those that flip vertically, and those that flip horizontally. The vertically flipping ones are better that the horizontal ones. I had a really cute looking horizontal-flipping cover a couple of months ago, and while it looked great and did its job of protecting my phone, it also made it annoying to use the phone because, there was always that flap next to my ear or head. I worked around it, of course, but I will be wary of buying a flippy-cover for my phone again.

Then I heard of a new thing: the phone clutch, sold by Rubi. These clutches were small and handy, and are a perfect fit for an iPhone 4. A friend of mine had one, and I always thought it was her wallet, until one day she told me to hold onto her phone for her, and handed me what I thought was her wallet, but wasn’t. This is what a Rubi phone clutch looks like.

It looks nice, definitely! It has space for a couple of cards, and has a somewhat classy feel to it, and this is what the inside looks like:

It looks great, doesn’t it? I was quite intrigued by this, and when I saw it on sale for just SGD5.00 at a Rubi, was contemplating getting one for myself. As I inspected one, however, it struck me that there’s one huge flaw in this that meant a lot to me. With this clutch, it’s impossible to listen to music through your earphones while carrying your phone in the clutch. Due to the nature of a clutch, there isn’t space, or a gap left in, for the audio jack. As someone who listens to a lot of music off her phone, this was a major drawback, and I didn’t make the purchase.

Of course, if you don’t listen to music that much, or don’t see this as an issue at all, then this is still a really worthwhile buy.

So I went back to looking for more phone covers, as I had something in mind, but was looking for something like that in shops. For a brief period, I fell in love with this cover from Smiggle because I loved the graphic design, and even though Smiggle comes off as a brand for youngesters, the graphic print was really attractive to me. The covers were sold out for iPhone 4’s, however, and currently are only available for the latest generation of iPod Touch.

Then I wandered into Singapore’s (somewhat famed) Apple store Epicentre and came across this adorable cover that I eventually bought.

First things first, I was attracted to this case because it had a giant sticker on the box saying “ON SALE $12.90” which meant it was well within my budget for a phone cover. I honestly wouldn’t pay $40 for a phone cover, and my limit’s around $15 to $20 maximum.

So, Casemate is this brand which makes all kinds of covers, and this line in particular, called Casemate Creatures is honestly downright adorable. I know a lot of younger kids these days have iPhones, and maybe these are catered to them, but I adore brightly coloured things and this just leapt out at me from the store’s wall of iPhone covers.

They come in almost a dozen different creatures ranging from monkeys to owls and even Frankenstein (Which I think it adorable, just look at his tooth up there!) and they’re silicone covers. These silicone covers feel a lot better than the one that made my iPod sticky several years ago, and it really fits quite nice and snug around your phone. My phone does feel quite safe in it. I like that the creatures come with a little ring and charm on one bottom end (my parrot has a feather charm), and that means you can also attach another little charm to it if you’d like.

My parrot’s supposed to be a Papagaio parrot, which are the kind of parrots everyone thinks about when they hear the word ‘parrot’, and they’re just such cheery birds with their vibrant colours, that it makes a good pick-me-up just seeing my phone. Anything that works as a mood booster is good, I guess! There was a little card inside the box which said “Happiness by Design”, and I guess Casemate managed to achieve that to some extent! I’ve gotten so many compliments about this phone cover, so clearly adults like parrots as well. I mean, I’m a business student in college, and sometimes we’re expected to be all classy and cultured and be formal about things, and sometimes when I buy things these days, I think about whether it could pass for formal/semi-formal events in school, but the moment I saw the colours on this, my other options paled in comparison.

I love wearing colourful stuff as opposed to merely monochromatics, and I guess a phone cover’s almost always part of your outfit, isn’t it?


do you have reasons!

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