DIY Multiple Watch Storage Box

I’ve had a thing for watches for a long time. I know you can only wear one watch at a time, and thus should probably just own one watch which matches everything you wear, but it’s not that simple. I like the stories behind watches. Most of mine have some kind of story behind it, whether or not it’s actually very interesting. I still think it’s nice. I like having a variety of watches to suit different kinds of outfits. And recently, I got my hands on two more watches secondhand, and after getting them fixed and the batteries changed, I have two more wearable watches!

The downside to owning a lot of watches is that they tend to come with really pretty boxes that are great for storing a watch, and will keep them safe, but it translates to having six (probably different shaped) boxes or tins for six watches. It becomes a bit troublesome to keep up with nicely putting your watch back into it’s case every time you wear it, and I just wanted something that would let me keep my watches all in one place, neatly. I couldn’t find such a thing, so I made one myself.

I didn’t spend any money on this at all, just used whatever I could find lying around, and it took me all of twenty minutes to make once I had everything with me.

So you’ll need a box. I used a really old but sturdy box I got from The Body Shop. The length of your box will determine how many watches your watch box can hold. I used a sock because again, I could find a useless pair at home, but you could very well sew your own little pillow as well. I decided to be lazy and not sew the ends down, so I didn’t use the sewing kit, but if you want to sew the end where the sock opening is, you’ll need one.

Substitution is something I am good at. What you basically need to do is create a sort of pillow for your watch to rest upon, so you need something that could serve as stuffing. I thought I might be able to find a cuboid-shaped piece of foam from some old box somewhere, but I found this strip of foam instead. It would have to do. And of course, you’ll need your watches.

Since I had a flat piece of foam, my plan was to roll it up, but this still has to fit in your box, so measure it up and give it a trim.

This is a great use for socks that have been half-lost. Well if you wear mismatched socks, great, but if you don’t, don’t throw them away! I used aeroplane socks from Kingfisher. They’re only about five years old, and something told me never to throw them out of my craft box in that time. It is worth fighting your parents or housemates or whoever tells you to throw things out to keep such things because when you find great uses for them, you can secretly (or not so secretly) be kind of pleased about it. The conversation I had with my mother went along the lines of something like this:

Me: Look I found a use for the Kingfisher socks!

Mother: Oh good for you.

Me: (after making the whole thing) Look here’s a storage box for all my watches! That sock meant I didn’t have to sew cloth to make a pillow-y thing! Now I can keep them all in one place, and wear whichever one I want, or you want as well, and it won’t just lie on my desk after that.

Mother: That’s nice. Now are you going to keep the other sock?

Me: Um, yes?

I worried a little bit about the pillow being too big for the box. I soon realised that big ain’t the problem, being too small is actually a problem. If the pillow is too small, none of the watches would really stay on the pillow. The pillow could fall out. But if it’s more on the tight-fit side, chances of that happening are lower!

I realised I have a lot more watches than I thought I did. Adding two more to the lot….well let’s not think about that just yet.

Since my pillow turned out a little fatter than I wanted it to (didn’t think about  how two more layers of foam and cloth would make it inevitably fatter) my watches don’t go all the way around, so it was a little difficult to get my watches to stay in place, but then I figured I’d keep the pillow in, and then place the watches on top of it nicely. That worked out perfectly, and not putting the clasp on means you can take watches out easily and wear it without much fiddling around. Not all my watches fit in here, but most of them do, and that’s a great start, I guess. My two plastic ones continue to sit on my desk, so that’s….okay for now.

This solves a problem that’s really annoying, while being a space-saver as well. My watch boxes have been relegated to a little drawstring bag, and moved over to another drawer full of random boxes and things, while my this box is now on my dresser. Having a cover, it shouldn’t gather dust or anything, but just in case, I might slip in a little bag of silica gel in it sometime soon.

That’s it, if you have any questions or suggestions, ask away!

2 Responses to “DIY Multiple Watch Storage Box”
  1. gen says:

    I love this.

  2. Walter David says:

    I love that the sewing kit is “optional.” I would have given up otherwise. lol. Clever idea!

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