bold (and beautiful) buildings

There are roads we walk by every single day, yet only appreciate on occasion. There are days we feel like the trees look a little more green, the sky a little more blue, the buildings a little livelier. There are days everything seems simply concrete, encroaching, and dreary. I know close to nothing about architecture and therefore shouldn’t be anyone to comment on the specifics, but there are definitely buildings that everyone agrees are beautiful and are worthy of holding important offices and museums, and there are buildings are we seem to easily overlook.

Working in the Arab Street/Kampong Glam area has made me realise that. It’s a heritage area. The buildings have been around for a long time, and they’ve been either restored or renovated slightly, but maintain the same features that used to be there (like beams in the ceiling! I noticed those everywhere!). The building I worked in had a crest carved into the concrete which dates 1935, which all things considered, is really old for Singapore.  I only noticed it about a month after I was working there, but noticing it pleased me greatly. The building says S.A.T. Alsagoff, who upon further digging, I learn was a member of a rich Arab family of the Alsagoffs who owned various properties and businesses in Singapore. Click on the link that’s on his name to read more. It’s fascinating!

I happened to be heading home one day from school, on a beautifully bright, sunny evening, and suddenly everything looked a little prettier.

Even the flowers looked more vibrant, and upon closer notice, I realised they were hybrids!

This is my college building. It’s obviously not often that I take a step back and actually realise how pretty the building is.

This is the area I live in. Sort of, at least. Lovely sunsets are the best.

I fall into the ditch of feeling claustrophobic within this little place every now and then, because it’s so small, but on occasion Singapore feels like nothing else other than home, and that is perfectly alright. It is more than alright, actually. You can rub the dirt off your knees, put bandaids on, and eventually find brand new skin that’s a little tougher than what it used to be.

do you have reasons!

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