group therapy

Finding a new cafe isn’t something to be surprised by, judging by how many independent small cafes are popping up around the island, but being genuinely impressed by one is a bit more rare. I was at Group Therapy last week for a networking session, and became quite smitten with the whole place. Other than having a lovely decor, the cafe can also be rented out as an event space. With comfy sofas and wired up nicely such that there are provisions for placing a screen projector, it was a lovely place for a networking event. The food made for the event looked pretty lovely, and was much better looking than the usual catered cream puffs and noodles you tend to find at events like these. The fruit punch was this amazing shade of purple and had fresh mint leaves and lemon slices in it and basically yum yum yum. I also saw that they stocked Toffee Apple Cider, which sounds heavenly, but I didn’t have the chance to try that.

The best part? The service. As the only vegetarian there (they knew this in advance, yes) I was asked what I would like to have, and any dietary conditions I have. I have to say, this kind of service is something I am not used to. While everyone else started eating, I was given an amazing pasta salad with fresh avocado slices and this wonderful homemade sesame dressing. This was served so prettily I assumed it was my dinner and dug in. That’s the salad you see below. About fifteen minutes later, I was handed a plate with another prettily-served tomato-mushroom-cheese sandwich, and was just overwhelmed by all this good food being made just for me. I was told the salad was just a starter because the sandwich took a bit more time to make, and I was like “uh, can I maybe have this later?” and of course she said yes, and when i wanted it later, she heated it up for me nicely and I also had a toasty warm sandwich.

I think this is the first time I’ve actually had better food and even better service by being a vegetarian. Usually being a vegetarian at an event means you end up with a separate box-meal while other have a buffet, or your selection of items from the buffet is limited to rice of some sort, boiled vegetables, and end up eating more dessert than mains because desserts taste better. Combine the food I was served with the lovely homemade chocolate chip cookies that were going around as dessert, and I was so gastronomically satisfied that evening and think I’ll probably drop by on my own for more goodness.

2 Responses to “group therapy”
  1. sneakergaze says:

    This place sounds and looks amazing! I’m really excited about all the independent cafes / bookstores / crafty markets slowly but surely opening up in Singapore. When I’m back please let’s go here! :)

    • ochie says:

      of course! and now i know where it is, and it’s not far from the tanjong pagar mrt station either :D i successfully used google maps to not get lost.

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