because of reasons:littered with books

I was in the Duxton area earlier this week for a networking session (more on that another day) and as always, erring on the side of caution, I reached the area earlier than was necessary. Figures that in my twenty years of being in Singapore, I hadn’t quite explored the Duxton area much, even though I know that it is home to the famed Pigeonhole where lots of funky events are held. I walked around Duxton Road, just to see what was there, and came across a wonderful bookshop called Littered with Books. I enjoy homely bookstores as much as the next book-lover, but this place just had a wonderful vibe to it. Less than five minutes into entering the shop, I found myself talking to the girl manning the store’s first floor, and was confessing my love for Neil Gaiman (everything other than Anansi Boys and Neverwhere/Oh yeah everyone didn’t like Anansi Boys after reading American Gods), discussing the dilema of buying double copies of books because certain covers are just so beautiful, and my taste for plays over poetry. I think that makes such a big difference, in term of feeling comfortable and at ease. The decor was very nicely done up, complete with crime-scene tape at the crime section, maps at the travel-and-cooking sections, and I was so pleased to see a poster for Anthony Horowitz’ Alex Rider Series because that meant this wasn’t a snooty I’m-better-than-YA-and-all-that-jazz bookstore. It’s a bookstore that just is. I do want to go back one day. Everyone should visit once at least, because of reasons.

2 Responses to “because of reasons:littered with books”
  1. Joy says:

    must visit this place, it looks perfect for an afternoon of chilling. Roshni could you do a post on how you organise your stuff for college/generally?

    • ochie says:

      it doesn’t have much room for sitting around, actually, but it can make a great stop on the afternoon of chilling.

      And what kind of organisation are you looking for? Like in terms of classes and extra curriculars, or …what exactly? :D

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