summer lovin’

My sister helped me get two dresses from Asos US, and they were supposed to arrive in time for her graduation ceremony in end-May, but no, they didn’t arrive on time, and after waiting for nearly two months, they got to me in Singapore. This dress is something else, and it’s just a lot of fun. I’d been waiting for so long to have it in my hands, that once I got them, I wore both dresses within the weekend. And it was pretty damn awesome. I also found a rip-off version of this dress at New Look, and kind of felt smug for once about actually owning the better version.

Now this dress is something else as well. I love how it’s business in the front, party at the back (as seems to be the trend now), but I adore my bold prints, and this is now probably one of the more crazy bold outfits I own. And I love it. I wore it to watch a local production of La Cage Aux Folles with a bunch of friends (I might review that sometime soon), and went all out with bright red lipstick, and felt kind of awesome the whole day. I also hope that one day I can wear this dress for a college class presentation with a blazer. It would be super awesome. Both these dresses got a fair few compliments from friends and colleagues at work, and it made me realise just how much more awesome stuff online seems in comparison to what you find in stores. Also, the powers of continuously going back to links and staring longingly at the dresses wondering how they would look on yourself. Totally worth the wait!

B Bakery cafe is another place that has been on my To Try list since it’s in the area where I work and my colleagues seem to love it. I went down myself, and ordered myself some Vegetable Quesadillas for lunch. I love the interior of the place, the two people who served me were both really warm and friendly, and I enjoyed sitting around for about fifteen minutes as I waited for my takeaway. I noticed the beams weren’t painted over, and that’s something I’ve really started noticing now because it looks like almost all the shophouses in this area have these really noticeable beams, and they’re honestly quite lovely. The quesadillas themselves came with very lovely salsa (which has a bit too much colouring to it, or it just stains everything very easily), but the meal was still warm as I ate it as my desk and cheesy goodness is always appreciated on a lazy day.

Trust me, I don’t know what I’m doing to myself either. I’ve been meeting friends for meals since people are either coming back in time for the new term to start, or those who are studying overseas are back till September or October. The first photo is of a lovely Profiterole with Ice Cream from Food for Thought. The menu said it could serve three, and since we were three of us, we went ahead and got it, but when it arrived, sinful as it looks, it is really massive, and if you’ve had a good main course, it could serve five or six people. Nevertheless, all we had as our main dinner was some cheese toast and potato gratin, so we had enough space for dessert this sinfully wonderful.

I got stuck at Shaw Towers the other day while it started pouring monkeys and mooses over lunch, and while stranded at Shaw Towers I figured I could get myself a drink for later. I ended up getting a Vanilla Milk Tea (25% sugar) from Woobbee, and man did I enjoy it when I got back to work! While I’m not someone who knows the Bubble Tea/Milk Tea area very well, I still enjoy the occasional Gong Cha Purple Plum Tea (yum). I’d always seen a huge queue at this place, and for once it wasn’t crowded (since I guess people were sticking it out near their offices since it was pouring). The place attracts your attention because of the colours and the design. It’s got some great signboards and everything it put together very nicely, and their selection of drinks is pretty wide. I think I’m going to try their mint mocha at some point. It sounds so good!

Then I met another friend for lunch at Swensen’s, and apparently their new lunch deal is, buy a main dish, and get a free ice cream sundae, or drink, or side. I ended up getting their lovely cheese and mushroom omelette (which comes with fries and coleslaw on the side) and got myself a free ice cream sundae that actually cost nearly as much as my omelette. For that, it’s fantastic value for your money, and I’ve realised having a big lunch means I don’t snack at work, which is a good thing. Dessert completes a meal and leaves me feeling happy. A little lazy to think about going back to work, but happy nevertheless.

I’ve been given the task of cataloging the school library, so in the process, I get to look at these pretty books and peruse them. There’s a surprising lot of poetry and plays from BooksActually, and that’s cool because they have a publishing house that publishes local works. I found enjoyable in particular, several poems from a book by Cyril Wong, especially since he took a story from Indian mythology that I have always enjoyed and used it as a sort of running thread between all the works in this book. Next to that is another book I had taken home for weekend reading, and beside that are my three new A4-spiral bound lined notebooks for classes next semester. They are very hipster, and are from Typo. The store here sell them at 3 notebooks for $10, and they’re the perfect notebooks for making notes for classes. Keeps your attention on the notebook, atleast.

In other news, I finally took a photo of Parkview Square, which is near where I work, and which I used to call Wayne Tower for years. It’s a really grand looking building, and quite the icon in terms of architecture in Singapore. It is a really badass looking building, and for some reason could never remember the name of the building, so I dubbed it The Batman Tower, i.e. Wayne Tower. This was when I was about eight. It’s obviously stuck.

Life’s been alright, you know? Dance class as always, I managed to catch a band playing at the Concourse@Esplanade (and it was a jazz band! The sax player was wear chucks! And he was very good, too.). A new month means the calendar at work had to be updated, and I got to do that again, which was a nice way to spend an afternoon. Along with my two dresses, the package my sister sent to me also had my John Mayer poster from his On His Own show in 2008 that i enjoy so much (that’s a link to the whole concert, actually. Legally available online for free on the Internet Archives.) That poster is now up on my wall, beside my two college theatre production posters.

Last two weeks of summer break. Gotta make it a good two weeks.

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