gardens by the bay (or feeling-like-you-aren’t-in-singapore)

Like any true Singaporean, I went to visit the Gardens by the Bay once it was deemed open to the public, armed with my camera. Suffice to say it doesn’t quite live up to people saying it’s our local equivalent of Central Park (because come on, Central Park has so much history within it, and you cannot compare anything Singaporean against something that just has so much more history to it.) Nevertheless, it is a stunning area, and I do believe it will only continue to blossom (haha, get it?) in the months to come. Some of the walls covered in plants (and the SuperTrees) need more time for the real beauty of the design to be seen, some patches of grass already seemed all dry and withered because of the dry spell we’d been having, and the seasonal flowers weren’t in bloom yet.

I didn’t have time to visit the two domes, so all I did was spend an evening walking around the free areas, and going on the OCBC Skywalk. It was still quite lovely.






















I enjoyed the feel of the whole area. From the moment we got out of the car, I felt strangely detached from Singapore, even though I could see the stunning skyline right in front of me. I think I’m just used to this one part of Singapore, the bit which has too-crowded subway trains, amazing 90-cent coffee, the sales going on in malls, and I don’t see this part of Singapore, the new Singapore (as I like to think of it) very much. I remember feeling this exact same detachment on the day I spent at the ArtScience Museum, at the Titanic and Warhol exhibitions. This Singapore is shiny and new, and it is kind of breathtaking. And these gardens, with their tiny orchids, and stone sculptures that I love taking photographs of, and the sheer “hey if we’re going to do this, we’re going all out and making it amazing” gung-ho-ness that I like about Singapore. I liked that I could see the kites flying at Marina Barrage. I didn’t take many photographs of the light and sound show featuring the SuperTrees because I literally got pulled into the whole thing with the music. It was such a wonderful experience because the music is all around you, and the lights are wonderful, and when you look up, those lights are all you see. It’s dark enough that you can’t see anything else. I wanted to enjoy that feeling instead of trying to fiddle with the settings on my camera to get decent night-photographs of lights that kept moving (or going on and off, well you know what I mean, right?)

I say visit these gardens when you’re feeling down, or lost, or a little bit sick of Singapore. We all feel claustrophobic here at some point, and somehow, being here at the gardens puts everything into perspective, and at least you can leave assured that you have your breathing space if you ever need it. They’re vaguely soul-cleansing, gardens, they really are.

2 Responses to “gardens by the bay (or feeling-like-you-aren’t-in-singapore)”
  1. sneakergaze says:

    Definitely the “new Singapore”! Each time I come back I feel like I am in a slightly different place, haha (except in our good ol’ neighborhood, of course). Ahaha SUPER TREES.

    Nice sneakers. ;) (I also like the bride wearing black!)

    • ochie says:

      hehe yeah, i’m sure it’ll feel different again after you come back! our neighbourhood…may it never change! :D i quite like it being about as unshiny as it gets!

      also of course the sneakers are nice…they’re yours:P

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