wedding reception

Have some Indian fashion, y’all. I dressed up last week for my friend’s wedding reception. There was a bhangra troupe, good music, even better food, and lovely conversation all around.

Hey look it’s me in a sari! (This does not happen very often)

My perfume of choice for the evening; Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

Indian accessories: Bangles and A Sparkly Ring. I really love these bangles a lot. This is a super pretty set.

My bag for the evening, which held my digital camera, phone, and other necessities for the evening. This is a unique bag and it’s shiny and the handle is big enough for you to sling it onto your shoulder, which is great for when you’re standing around with a plate of food.

Look at the romantic table display! The rose petals were real, the roses,sadly, were not.

The hall the reception was held in.

A bouquet we’d gotten. Those lillies smell wonderful and it made my room smell incredibly nice for the rest of the day.


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