because of reasons: Nimona (An Online Comic)

I love my tumblr account very much, and I’ve been following the now-famous Gingerhaze for quite a while now. She is a perfect mix of talented, hilarious, hip (and up to date with everything worth being up to date with), and most importantly, entertaining. She usually draws things that make your inside squirm around with happiness, and you might also make some strange giggly noises over the sheer cuteness of everything. For example; here’s a commission she did of Steve and Loki holding hands and eating ice cream:

Now she’s got a new comic called Nimona. Nimona has a delightful female lead, your wonderful classic hero-villain fighting, explosions, and general badassery all around. There is virtually  nothing about this comic that I do not love. It is hilarious, beautifully drawn, really original, and it keeps you wanting more as soon as possible. I’ve never been much for web comics, but this has definitely made me realise what’s so great about web comics! So, for a pick me up from those post-lunch-food-coma-danger-hours at work, read some Nimona!


do you have reasons!

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