because of reasons: i’m tickled pink!

I haven’t bought myself accessories in quite a while, considering that’s one area where I don’t particularly follow trends since most of what I own falls under “colourful”, “quirky”, “Indian”, or “timeless” and they can be worn with pretty much everything I own. I have noticed, however, the trend of adding chunky metals to all sorts of accessories (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bag handles, belts, the whole lot!), metal links wrapped with colourful strings, and it’s definitely something I find intriguing. It combines a strong sense of chunkiness and give off this industrial vibe, but once you add in that pop of colour, it turns into something much less scary looking, and much more colourful.

A friend of mine actually makes bracelets like this, and she’s selling them to raise money for elderly folk living in one-room apartments in Singapore.

TickleMePink is an online accessories store just taking off, and with their products (mostly bracelets at the moment) ranging between SGD6-SGD14, I think they’re a wonderful purchase because instead of paying the same amount at your accessory stores like Diva or Six or Accessorize, you also know your money’s going to go a little further to help someone who needs it.

TickleMePink is willing to make customised pieces for you, and all queries(about thread colour availabilities, length specifications, and more) can be directed to

View the slideshow below to see some of the lovely designs being sold currently.

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4 Responses to “because of reasons: i’m tickled pink!”
  1. sneakergaze says:

    This is great (both that your friend makes them for a cause and that you’re spreading the word)! I love the thin gold one that is just plain little links. It would also be cool to customize them with particular colors for a team, or group outfit, or something. :)

    • ochie says:

      yeah i mean, buying accessories for a good cause serves a double purpose,which is awesome. and having a team or group bracelet would be so much fun!

  2. josey jasen says:

    Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

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