i need a new bag because of reasons (no, i really do)

since my college term ended and i started working weekdays, i find it rather amusing that i’ve worn out not one, but two bags by merely lugging them around with me all-day-everyday. this, combined with the several bags i retired while i was doing my annual spring cleaning  at the start of my summer break (seasons mean nothing in singapore, of course) because either the faux leather started peeling to a point it could not be saved (i.e. it starting peeling all over my shoulder and leaving powery bits of fluff on everything it touched), or the metal clasps just tore off the bag complete because my giant waterbottle kind of always obstructed that clasp from closing without pulling at it, or you know, your basic wear and tear…this all means, i need to retire two more bags, and actually get them replaced because i’m running low on bags big enough to dump everything i need for a day out. the things i always carry with me include my giant 700ml waterbottle, an umbrella, my wallet, a book for reading, my diary (on occasion), my pouch with my wires and cables(iPhone charger, USB drives, Macbook charger), a scarf or cardigan if I’m going somewhere highly airconditioned,  and on occasion, it helps if it can fit my 13-inch Macbook Air and a couple of A4-size files or notebooks (college-friendly!). And I always seem to have an apple with me, so that’s a little bit more space as well.

I’m basically one of those people who can never seem to travel with small, tiny, pretty bags. My bags are as large as me (and my personality) and usually encourage ‘dumping’ or what I deem ‘just throwing a bunch of things into a bag and go!’ Tote bags are my best friend.

Help me figure out which bag I should get. Here are my contenders!

A. Fernandes USD 17.49

B. Throndson USD12.59

Let’s go on first name basis with these bags, because that makes things more fun. Fernandes has a zip closure, it’s slightly bigger, has more shape to it, while Throndson is more floppy, and is slightly smaller size-wise. Fernandes has a lovely print that I haven’t seen around much, while Throndson has a nice prince that’s perhaps more age-appropriate. Fernandes gives off a a vibe that makes it seem classier, like it’s meant for someone older than I am. Throndson doesn’t have that ever-handy external zip-pocket, though, but Throndson’s handles are likely to fray slower than Fernandes’ one due to the shape of the handles.

I honestly love both these bags. I know “buy them both” is an very plausible option in this situation, but I’m really only going to get one, of course. Which should I get?


do you have reasons!

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