all things go, drove to chicago (i fell in love again)

My dad had pizza here at Uno’s some fifteen plus years ago, and to this day believes it was the best pizza he’s ever eaten. Obviously we had to go there as well, and to say I enjoyed my first taste of deep-dish pizza would be an understatement. This place is wonderful, with really nice pizza and even better service. Everyone likes a nicely snarky coffee-loving waiter.

The river that runs through the city makes for a lovely city landscape. You always walk across bridges, and the buildings have been built so wonderfully along the river.

This outdoor stage at Millenium Park is aesthetically gorgeous, and the grass on the field is a special kind of wonderful, it really is. I would love to watch a concert here. This was a beautiful sunny day and so many people were having a nice day at the park.

And in Millenium Park, we saw the famous Bean! I picked this photo to go here since you can see the skyline reflected in it quite nicely. I wanted to see the giant Marilyn Monroe statue if it was still in Chicago, but it wasn’t there anymore sadly. No standing under her skirt for me, I guess.

This whole trip, I tried getting photos of the interstate signs, because they appeal to me, but I only managed to get a decent photo of this one in Chicago since we walked by it.

Chicago’s very own unique skyline. I’m starting to have a major thing for skylines. There’s something really satisfying about looking at a city from a distance away and being able to see how each massive building is iconic in it’s own way. Also presenting the gorgeous Lake Michigan.

Watertaxis are a wonderful way to travel, even if it seems like only tourists take them. Again, a photo composed such that I like how it turned out. I like the different, yet natural blues.

I’ve been to a really pretty marina in Perth, Australia, and since then, I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for them. I find them peaceful, and the colours calm me. We walked along the marina on our way to Navy Pier, and I like taking photographs of boats.

A carousel at Navy Pier! I loved Navy Pier so very much. We actually dropped by it twice, which made me pretty happy. Also, look at that boss green dragon on the carousel. I would have liked to sit on it.

We stayed with my dad’s cousin at Lake Barrington, and their house and surroundings are stunningly spectacular, I kid you not. They actually worked with an architect themselves on the design and science behind their house, and I mean, just look at it from outside! It is beyond beautiful.

We dropped by a little lake called Fox Grove Reserve, and it was a beautiful day.

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