in an empire state of mind

lovely reflections at central park

bethesda fountain, central park

there was a little shoot going on at the park, and this dog was waiting on the sidelines being groomed, and clearly very happy to be treated as he was.

lovely colours at a farmer’s market at union square

flowers i would struggle to keep alive at home, found at union square

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, finally.

those lips.

there is a taxidermy deer inside this beautiful sculpture.

i found a unicorn at the MET, guys, a unicorn!

the architechture of this building is stunning and pretty much took my breath away.

there were basically a bunch of extremely famous and important pieces of artwork at the MET (alongside an exhibit on Prada which seemed super interesting) but I didn’t have the time to visit them.

the streets of new york city were lovely, and when I took this test shot, I really didn’t expect this fellow to actually pose for my photograph. This would never have happened at home, and I absolutely love the fact that he did. This was near The Strand.

my sister and i couldn’t stop giggling over how the first thing that came to mind when we saw miss liberty from our boat was “she’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s miss united states” from miss congeniality.

i took this photo mostly to make it easy to use as a desktop wallpaper.

i’m not American, yet there was something strangely appealing seeing the American flag flying rather prettily in the wind.

I managed to drop by Grand Central just to ogle at the scale of it, which I could not have imagined from what I’d only seen in pictures or on screen.

like a good tourist, i went to the 86th floor of the empire state building. the first couple of photos I took to get my settings right, this happened, and I love it.

buildings! buildings!

if i had waited around for a little longer, i might have actually managed to get some sunset photographs, but ‘a little longer’ meant ‘two hours’ because the sun only set at like, 8.30pm.

i got the feeling like the cityscape was built out of lego bricks or something like it. it almost looked like shoots growing towards the sun.

this is one packed island, manhattan.

there were a lot of people in this area, fighting for good spaces to take photos from, and then i found something i liked and this was the result.


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