because of reasons: aldo online (us)

(a fabric tube scarf)
What do I not love about this? The colours are amazing, the print is perfect, the material is wonderful and it all works so well together. I wish I could put my hand into my desktop screen and pull it out and wrap it around my neck even though it’s a scorching 34 degrees celsius where I am.

(a fabric scarf)
I have a thing for bright, bold prints. As much as I enjoy my sober solids, I actually prefer things with bold prints because they’re just me. This one has a lovely tropical feel to it which is always welcome(especially so on those days you wake up feeling miserable) Scarves like this can transform an outfit from a simple t-shirt-and-jeans combo to something you would do a double-take at. Plus if you need it, it’ll keep your warm and possibly help with modesty issues if you have them (as I do sometimes)

(a fabric scarf with a silky feel)
After getting myself three silky square-scarves from a chain-store in India last December, I’ve grown to love silky square-scarves. They’re much easier to handle in the local weather, they’re incredibly compact to carry around in any bag, and they are wonderfully versatile. These shades of orange and brown are classic, and that’s only made better with the chain motif which is instantly classic. I lack something in this colour, which is why I’m probably so attracted to it.

THRONDSON USD17.98 (usual price USD25)
(a synthetic tote bag)
Tote bags are my kind of thing because I quite literally throw things into a bag and then rush off to wherever I need to go. I like totes because they’re big and can fit things like files and magazines in comfortably, and you can also fish out most thing very easily. It’s convenient, and this tropical print is adorable. I like things with pineapples and hibiscus flowers on them. Instant day-brightener.

(a men’s metal watch)
So I’m not quite over my watch-lusting phase even though I’m extremely happy with the watch I got about six weeks ago. I like the idea of boyfriend-watches, and this watch is sort of something anybody could consider owning without needing to have a boyfriend. I spent a long time wear a Nike watch meant for men, and I did get accustomed to it for a while. I especially like chronographs at the moment, and this seems like a really affordable and classy option.

(a synthetic boot with mid-heels)
No Aldo window-shopping would be complete if I didn’t admire some of their footwear. I love the height of Aldo’s mid-heel, and this boot just looks so comfy and classy at the same time! I also am a big fan of this particular shade of brown.

(a leather laced boot with block mid-heel)
Laced boots are wonderful, and with heels, they manage to look more fashionable than functional( like hiking boots). I like the little groove that’s there on this which lets you fold over the top bit properly.


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