i’ll take the long way home

I decided to spend a day at the ArtScience Museum, and was greeted with these lovely banners hanging in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Had a really nice feel at half past nine in the morning, while the shops were still closed.

I don't remember seeing this TWG the last time I was here. TWG looks incredibly classy and lovely, and at some point I'll go for tea there with good company. For now, I'll admire it from afar.

There was a queue outside the museum 15 minutes before the doors opened. I was surprised, but people were in a good mood, so it was mostly alright. It was a beautiful bright, sunny morning.

There's no photography allowed within the exhibitions, so I could get good photos of various exhibits, but the Andy Warhol exhibition had a photobooth (a poor substitute of an Asian-style photobooth though) and in the spur of the moment, I decided to take a bunch of pictures for $5. This was the best of the lot. Those headphones are my audio guide. (The headphones were Urbanear Plattans and they were incredibly comfortable. Can't beat my dad's Bose headphones though)

This isn't the original Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, but I saw it in a shop window at The Shoppes. Figured if I couldn't take a photograph of the real thing, I could take one of this reproduction or reprint. It was a pity that in the museum I missed the hands-on make-your-own-silkscreen image thing, which was off because the museum was dealing with the massive last-day crowds for the Titanic exhibition.

I had lunch at Pita Pan, right outside the ArtScience Museum, but part of The Shoppes. My drink arrived first, and it was a great drink for the heat (it's mostly outdoor seating). My Pita Pocket was falafel basically, but it was filling, healthy and something different, so all in all a good lunch.

I took a panorama shot using my Photosynth app, and the whole thing can be seen on a computer actually, but I'm having trouble getting it online, ugh.

It's always fun to see what people carry around, right? In this lovely mustard Forever21 bag is my trusty Lock&Lock waterbottle, my wallet, my summer notebook (hence the yellow), my emergency scarf for the day (held by the notebook's elastic band), my Holga fisheye lens camera (which I later learned has something wrong with it where the film isn't getting exposed properly), my pouch of necessary-items, my book (Life in France by Julia Child)

My free swag from the museum: pamphlets, my ticket, and my boarding pass for the RMS Titanic! I was a 21 year old lady who was on the ship on her honeymoon, who I later learned from the giant wall with the names of everyone on the ship had died and never made it to New York. I peered over the shoulder of the people waiting in front of me while we were in the waiting area, and I realised they all had different identities on their cards. I think that was a really nice touch and great start to the whole exhibition. I thoroughly enjoyed both exhibitions.

I spent a while sitting here at these wooden steps. There was a bit of a breeze blowing as the sky got darker, and some security folk were being briefed and setting up barricades for the Star Awards ceremony that was happening later that evening at Marina Bay Sands

Walking across the Helix Bridge to see things from the other side was quite lovely as well. It was the first time I walked across the Helix Bridge, actually. I'm sort of fantastic that way and felt like a tourist myself. I quite like how our skyline is shaping up.

The icons of the skyline! It always feels kind of impressive to stand beneath the three towers. I like how you can see the three towers from almost anywhere in the city area. It's almost like the Gherkin in London. You see it in the distance even when you're not expecting it.

It's not a day out unless I go into some store that has a sale going on. I walked into a New Look to see if I could find any good deals, couldn't find anything satisfactory to my taste, but I was attracted to the design on this top (which wasn't on sale). I don't enjoy shapeless tops like these much.

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