last week of freshman year

there is nothing quite like having best friends who convince you to buy bubbly milk chocolate. Swiss Extra Fine Bubbly Milk Chocolate, 2 for $3, from Marks and Spencer

The weather has been pretty insane lately, with thunderstorms in the mornings, and beautiful afternoons. These boots are turning out to be perfect for the rain, though. Boots, Forever21

The last time I went into a Forever21 store, I found these shoes being sold, and I realised that they look similar to my boots. I think I prefer my boots.

I passed by this gorgeous shop window on my way back to my college. Upon closer inspection., I realised that the dandelion is actually made up of yellow bagties/security tags. It's absolutely fantastic.

This is my "I-am-going-to-school-on-a-Sunday-and-am-so-sleep-deprived-omg" face. I love this necklace, hardly ever wear it, but it really brightened up my day. I bought it from a stall in Bali in 2010.

And this was my full outfit on Sunday.Pardon the fact this was taken in the ladies. T-shirt from Giordano, Pants from Fabindia, Necklace from Bali,Indonesia

My college sits in the middle of two museums. The benches I was seated at on Sunday were next to the National Museum of Singapore. Beautiful museum on a beautiful day.

The most fun I'll have for a class while at a management university. I believe I posted a picture of myself in my Viking-Wizarding-Japanese outfit, and well, this picture made it to our report. Good times.

Somedays the chocolate keeps coming in, and you know that it's a good day. A friend gave my groupmates soft nougat from Australia, and goodness, it was such a welcome pick me up at that point in time. I'd forgotten how good nougat can be.

This poster looks more sad than it usually does, because I had to take out the backing I used. Nevertheless, my room always has space for a Team India poster, and it's been one year since they won the World Cup! Time's flown by, and it's nice to have the reminder that...anything is possible.

Lunch at Dome Cafe, at the Singapore Art Museum. I was feeling down, and needed a good change of environment, and there's nothing quite like the environment of a peaceful museum. I had Garden Salad and a Strawberry Smoothie.

This picture I took turned out a lot cooler than I expect it to. Sort of comes across as a double-exposure like photograph, but it's mostly a mix of two reflections in a glass.

There was a classic powder blue Beetle parked at the museum, which caught my eye. I get to see classic cars around campus surprisingly often, and I love that.

Then I realised how pretty the tiled floor at the museum was. Tan Oxford Heels from New Look.

Turned out to be one of those days where everything looks pretty, you know?

My skin is generally on the dry side, which means I try to remind myself to moisturise, but mostly forget to. Found this nifty guy snagged from a hotel in Sri Lanka, and not only does this Coco-Papaya mix smell absolutely wonderful, the lotion seeps right into your skin within seconds and your hands are dry and good to do whatever needs to be done. It's such a pity this is snagged from a hotel because I'd totally buy a full bottle. Good things come in small packaging, I guess.

A new hobby of mine: profiling my shoe-stalking tendencies on subway trains. Some people have really pretty footwear, and I figure it's worth documenting. These wedges look pretty comfy.

I have a weakness for tan-coloured heels, or footwear in general. Something about that shade of brown screams to me "warmth and fuzziness" and "sunshine and happiness" at the same time. It's both a summer and a winter colour, and it looks good on pretty much everyone. It's so versatile at the same time. Tan, strappy heels? Pretty awesome.

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  1. Victoria says:


    I’m glad things seem to be going good for you <3

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