note to self: life is wonderful!

every once in a while, i think we all need reminders that we live lives that are wonderful, fascinating, surprising, and simply awesome. college has been squeezing a lot out of me lately, but all in all, life is great, you know?


tea with my lunch (caesar salad) at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

salads,wraps, and sandwiches ready for lunchtime at Sumo Salad (nomnomnom)

my first meal at VeganBurg: smoky bbq burger, fries, and carrot-beetroot juice. i'm doing my marketing project on VeganBurg, so this was actually 'for class', yes.

...i found my first draft of my Who Killed Hurricane Erikson? script. these few lines never changed.

hot chocolate from 7KickstartBrewiches, this somewhat quaint little cafe near my college's business building.

for my Creative Thinking class, our main project involved merging cultures and creating new stuff. We created a video, and here I am in my costume for Ban-chan, a girl from The Madhatters, where Viking, Japanese and Wizarding culture have blended together to make an awesome, hat-loving community. I don't think I'll ever get to do this for any other projects of mine in business school.

my parents were rather impressed with the work i'd done on my play, and they felt it was worthy of a reward, which I picked out as a watch, since I've been wanting a classy one to go with my classier outfits. She's a beauty.
As a side note, I'd like to add that watches are something that I have associated with achievements. I got my Swatch watch when I was 12 when I won a competition. My father got me one from India when I turned 13. My grandparents got me a Timex for my aceing my O Levels. Watches mean a lot to me.

I finished reading 'Just Kids' a while back, but I took a bunch of pictures of bits I liked, this is one of them. Be still, my heart.

this is my glorious radio studio. well not mine, but my campus radio studio. it is glorious. and wonderful. and freezes all the time, even at twenty-three degrees.

more of the studio. i really love being in the studio. there's something very comfortable about it, even with jonas brothers posters on the wall.

shoe stalking on subway trains. these quite literally caught my eye.

i had these leftover bits of glossy photo paper from printing photos for a project on my Canon Selphy. I went back on tumblr, wrote down quotes on them to boost my mood. I put them in a box, and now have a box of random motivational quotes.

i went to collect my race pack for the Nike+ Goddess 5K Run 2012, and there was this giant wall with all the participants' names there!

there's my name! and my bestie's. we figured we'd find it by looking for the really long names.


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