post-production life

1. I signed up for the Nike Goddess 5K Run 2012, and in fact started my running training for it today morning.

2. I painted my nails, since production work involved manual labour and splinters from wood and paint and turpentine and I also didn't have the time, I guess. (This is Sally Hansen's Snappy Sorbet)

3. I found these beautiful heels on on sale for just USD12, and with the sheer luck of Size 10s being available, and tried my best to get them but they were all sold out before I could get my hands on a pair. These are gorgeous and I can see myself wearing them a lot, though.

4. I had a photoshoot for my college Campus Radio marketing, and also had a bunch of different things going on, but to brighten up my day, I stole a hat from the drama store because of reasons.

5. The photoshoot was nothing all too intriguing (I am not a fan of photoshoots), but I enjoy spending time with my co-host and lifelong bestie.We refused to have more make-up put on us (well I had base/concealer on as always, but she has flawless skin and perfect eyebrows and looks that awesome without much effort!) I brought a string of fairylights to the photoshoot but weren't allowed to use them for the actual shoot. I couldn't let the awesome of fairylights go to this happened.

6. I found a voucher for an ice cream place earlier this week, only to realise that its validity was for one full year and that it was expiring at the end of the week. I'm not one to lose out on ice cream (for a cheaper price), so I made it a treat to myself for being generally awesome, and got myself Apple Crumble with two scoops of ice cream (Rum and Raisin and Mint Chocolate Chip). It was a lovely hour I spent there (still wearing the hat, of course) eating ice cream and pie and reading Just Kids by Patti Smith.

7. This weekend is the first after my production and I suddenly feel as though I can breathe. I went running in the morning, finished Just Kids, and made myself lunch. Basil Pesto Pasta Salad. Today doesn't seem to get much better than this.

8. So it seems today could get better! I painted my toenails (LA Girl's Flare) after lunch, since that's been pending for a while. I also started reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen while I was waiting for my toenails to dry. Seems like a wonderful book.


It’s exactly one week since my production happened, and the week following has been pretty crazy. I had put life and academics on hold basically, until the production was done, and my friends were nice enough to understand my way of prioritising things. The week before the production had me feeling bone-deep exhaustion and snapping at pretty much everyone I spoke to (including the barista at Coffee Bean, so that’s how irritable I was).

Things actually got worse before they got better, since I had two important submissions due on Tuesday, and I spent most of my Monday working on them. I also had the time, since my foot was quite spectacularly bruised after having a 40kg metal riser run over the last three toes of my right foot, and I skipped classes on Monday since I found no reason and no amount of strength to be back in school on Monday after an exhausting production weekend. After Tuesday’s submissions, I still had another major presentation for my Business Law class happening on Thursday, and then spent most of my time on Wednesday working on that. Thursday morning was radio show recording for Monday, then my presentation (which didn’t go amazingly well, but wasn’t a complete disaster either) and then more classes and meetings until I was exhausted and wondering when I was going to get my break. Thursday just wasn’t a good day for me. Nothing was going as planned and I  had to run around campus in my lovely knee-length pencil skirt which doesn’t allow for ‘running’ as much as ‘waddling’. Too many things were running on my mind, and by the end of the day, I was pretty much hating the world and just wanted to sleep.

Friday turned things around, since I woke up in a much better mood that I had gone to sleep in (much thanks for this goes to a friend of mine upon whom I unleashed my woes) and I had to get to school at a lovely brunch-y time for a fun group meeting (this one involved digging around the drama store for props we could use, as opposed to most other group meetings which involve four to seven members sitting around a table in a tiny room with laptops in front of you and multi-tasking on everything except the main task on hand) and I had lunch with these people as well. I was quite nicely overdressed for a normal day of college, but I also had the radio photoshoot after this meeting and have to admit that I felt extra awesome walking up and down the concourse multiple times on Friday in my sassy maxi dress and  a pink straw hat I found in the drama store. I had another meeting after the photoshoot, which didn’t go as badly as I was prepared for it to go, and then still managed to leave at a decent time for my ice cream treat to myself for having dealt with the production successfully and gotten through this week mostly unscathed.

This isn’t exactly the perfect break I need from life in general right now, but I think all things considered, it’s turning out to be quite a lovely one especially with the moments where I treat myself to little things (that are mostly food or impulsively buying drug-store brand lipstick) do wonders for my mood and energies. What I really need is to get away from everything for a weekend or so, but that’s really not possible at this point in time, so I’m going to just try fitting in some stuff I really want to do somewhere between my still-crazy schedules of classes, meetings, projects, radio show work, and planning for the next drama production to do a couple of things that include: watching The Hunger Games when it releases, visit the Maritime Museum, run more often for the 5K in April, visit the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands (just spend the money, ochie), make that shopping date with my friend to go to Arab Street. I think I need to do more for myself that I currently do.

Also, having finished Just Kids by Patti Smith this morning (the ending sort of made me spontaneously burst into tears I’ll admit), I have a greater want to see the Andy Warhol exhibition. Just Kids was a lovely read, even if I read it just several pages a go while drinking tea or having a snack between things. Further proof that biographies make amazing reading.

Before I forget, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am 20-and-a-month now, wow.


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