who killed hurricane erikson?

i’ve been on my toes since the start of this year with this production of mine. it’s been three months of planning, planning, and more endless planning, countless hours spent on photoshop editing photos to create marketing material, constantly adding and striking off things on my “to do” lists, and meetings that never end, and turn into even longer whatsapp conversations. many things happened in my life in general over the time this production was also happening, and it hasn’t been easy. it’s been an interesting challenge, has brought me a little bit closer to people at college, and it’s given me satisfaction that i can’t even put limits to. had i thought i would be able to achieve this much in my freshman year of college, no. did i want to, yes. i’m glad everything fell into place in the end, and every single bit of frustration and worry and doubt was worth it.

it’s nice to see how far everything’s come from our first rehearsal with our cast and our exhausting early rehearsals.

though the production’s over, you can still see the photographs from our photoshoot, and some other marketing material over at our facebook event page over here. there’s a video, some photos, a couple of links, and we might actually put up some post production stuff there as well, so that might be fun.

i’m just really glad i found this in my college. it’s so good to be back with theatre. there’s nothing quite like it in this world.

2 Responses to “who killed hurricane erikson?”
  1. Victoria says:

    ahhhh it looks awesome! so happy for you <3

    • ochie says:

      hehehe as always, there’s always that element perhaps not getting the recognition you feel you want, but the satisfaction is immense and wonderful and makes up for that, so yay!

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